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Black Sugar Mask
Black Sugar Mask
The Skinfood
Best face scrub I've ever tried!
I have dry and rough skin. This face scrub gets rid of all the flakes and whiteheads and makes my skin feels really smooth. Love the scent, too! No wonder all the beauty bloggers always include this in their list of best Korean skincare products. Totally lives up to the hype!...
Neutrogena Body Oil
Neutrogena Body Oil
A classic body oil!
I've been using this for years! Doesn't feel greasy and has a really light sesame scent. I have dry skin but I hate the sticky feeling of heavy lotions. I apply this after a shower, when my skin is still damp, and then pat dry with a towel. It's so gentle I even use it on my kids....
Dream Satin Liquid Foundation
This foundation is great for normal to dry skin. The only problem with is that it doesn't last long enough. if you're looking for a foundation that lasts for many hours, sadly this one is not for you. It has light to medium coverage but it is buildable. It leaves your skin looking dewy and fresh, and it is very lightweight. Good for the one who are just starting makeup (Beginners)...