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10 tips that everyone with a Beauty Blender should know

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Beauty blenders made it so easy to get sheer, natural-looking coverage. Just bounce, twist, roll and press and voila — flawless skin! But there’s so much more to this miracle makeup tool than meets the eye. Read on for surprising (and useful!) beauty blender tips and trivia.

1. It’s hydrophilic.

Hydro-whaaaaa? Hydrophilic means it absorbs moisture. This went against all traditional practices, when makeup sponges were designed to repel moisture so it wouldn’t absorb too much foundation. Unfortunately dry sponges can lead to goopy, thick application.

Beautyblenders are meant to soak in the water. So you wet it first so it puffs up and can’t absorb any of the precious product, but since it’s damp your makeup goes on better. Brilliant!

2.  Beware of fakes.

The hydrophilic material is actually why the Beauty Blender is worth every cent, and why you can’t get the same finish from “fake” sponges that have the same shape.

3. The idea came up during a special effects makeup class.

Beauty Blender founder Rea Ann Silva took a makeup class where her teacher recommended cutting up makeup sponges to achieve a pro effect. She started experimenting with different shapes, before deciding on the now iconic egg shape.

4.  Here’s how to a FULL look with Beauty Blender

Beauty vlogger Kandee Johnson shows you how to use the Beauty Blender to do foundation, concealer, bronzer, contouring, and even powder.

5. If you’re layering your beauty products, you need to DO THIS.

“Bouncing” your Beauty Blender won’t work if you’re using primer, foundation, bronzer, or other layers of products. Pro makeup artist Wayne Goss shows you the right way:

6.  Apply foundation first to your hand, not the sponge.

You waste less product, and have more control over how much you put and where.

7.  Baby shampoo is NOT the best way to clean a Beauty Blender

If you’re not able (or willing) to buy the official Beauty Blender cleanser, check out these alternatives. Boldly roadtests baby shampoo, castile soap and more. See for yourself what works the best:

8. It comes in different colors now!

  • Pink. The original is still the best for applying makeup.
  • White. This softer, dye-free Beauty Blender is best for sensitive skin or for applying serums and sunscreen. It’s perfect for eye cream because you don’t have to tug at the skin!
  • Black. The sleek “pro” blender is great for applying makeup like self-tanners, bronzers and long-wear makeup.
  • Green. The micro-mini is designed to get into tiny crevices like your nose or the corners of your eyes.

You can find these variants and other Beauty Blender products at Sephora Philippines.

9.  Don’t store it in your drawer or a plastic bag!

Use the plastic container to prop up the Beauty Blender while it air-dries. If you’re traveling, store it in a mesh bag — never a plastic bag. Putting anything damp in an airless container just breeds mold and bacteria. Gross!

10.  You can repurpose used Beauty Blenders!

Beauty Blender recommends changing sponges every three months, but we’ve all used it for a lot longer than that. When it’s time to retire our trusty tool, don’t toss it into the trash. Old Beauty Blenders are perfect for making nail art!


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