2017 hair trends

2017 hair trends that look great on everyone

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Not ready for mermaid hair? We waded through all the 2017 hair trends and picked the most wearable, universally flattering styles. They’re also super easy to do and certified commute-friendly.

Long, straight hair

Funny how Hollywood’s gone all crazy over long and straight hair — Pinays have been rocking this look for decades! So what’s new for 2017? The runway models are parting their hair in the center. Others pin long bangs behind the ear with a pretty pin. We’ve also seen a few pics with the bangs flipped the opposite way, for effortless volume.

It’s all part of a beauty trend towards keeping things fresh, clean and super simple. Real glam girls never look like they’re trying too hard. We like that.

Tiger eye balayage

Balayage has been around since last year. Basically, this is a hair color technique where the highlights are painted strand by strand. It looks more natural and is easy to maintain because it looks good even while it grows out.

This year, the hot 2017 hair trend is Tiger Eye balayage, which uses different shades of warm brown. We love how this works with Filipina skin tones. We loved the gray hair trend, but that color did look ashy on morenas, and involved a lot of bleaching. Brown shades are a lot easier to achieve, and you can wait longer between salon visits because of how balayage grows out so well. Cheaper, and safer for your hair!


Yay for this trend! It’s a quick way to hide a bad hair day, or fix your hair when you’ve got no time for straightening and styling products. Pull it back, then weave it into an old-school braid or level up with a fish tail, side braid, or any of the dozens of new styles on Youtube. Life can get crazy, but with a braid, your hair is always in place and under control.