best hairstyle trend 2019 bangs and bob

Show this to your hairstylist and cop the cool girl ‘bangs and bob’ haircut

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Bangs and a bob? It’s the 2019 hairstyle trend! We’re seeing everywhere this year, we swear. From Money Heist’s Tokio’s to Social Media Celeb Mimiyuuh, the bob + bangs combo is making us want to chop our hair off.  While the bob has been here for a while, (ELLE reports that it was hairdresser Antoine de Paris who created this look in France in 1909) modern takes and twists are all over the internet. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve narrowed down the most wearable pegs you can copy and show your hairdresser below!

1. Money Heist’s Tokio

Complement your face shape with a tousled bob and bangs combo. It looks so cool and is a fashion statement on its own.

money heist tokio hairstyle trend bangs and bob
Undoubtedly the hairstyle trend that we’ve initially copped from Money Heist’s Tokio

2. Vanessa Hudgens

Looking straight out of a Grease rehearsal, Vanessa Hudgens’ framed, relaxed bob looks very retro and stylish.

vanessa hudgens bangs bob hairstyle trend
The High School Musical actress’ bob will make you want to get the scissors now

3. Mimiyuuh

Since 2019 is bob and bangs year then we say it’s Mimiyuuh’s year. She is one local fashionista that has made this hairstyle her own. We love how she keeps her signature hairstyle straight and sleek. It’s become so iconic that we’re tempted to call the bob + bangs haircut the Mimiyuuh hairstyle.

mimiyuuuh hairstyle bangs bob trend dalagang pilipina
From Dalagang Pilipina to Bangs + Bob, Mimiyuuuh proves to be a real trendsetter

4. Zendaya

Zendaya wears this straight bob and layered fringe so well! This look is ultra-chic and makes you look put together even when dressed down.

Zendaya hairstyle trend bangs bob beauty
Zendaya’s bangs + bob look is all we need to rewrite our own stars