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3 cellulite treatments that really work!

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Cellulite affects 9 out of 10 women. Anyone can get those bulgy lumps! The fat pushes against the skin surface and breaks through the skin fibers. It has nothing to do with weight (even slim people can get it!) and exercise won’t get rid of it either. These cellulite treatments can.

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Roll away the cellulite

This non-surgical cellulite treatments breaks down cellulite by massages, rolling and manipulation of tissue. You wear a special body stocking while the therapist runs the device against the affected area. Most sessions take around 30 to 45 minutes. The number of sessions depends on your particular case.

Where to get Endermologie in Manila:

Marie France has the EDM+S.L.I.M., which uses an advanced roller that can break down more fat and firm the skin. Pauline Carriere, a trainer from the maker of EDM+S.L.I.M., explains: “The technique is like gymnastics for the skin.  It wakes up the fibroblasts and adipocytes, which are kind of sleepy cells, to continue the lipolysis and the production of collagen and elastin fibers.”


This radiofrequency treatment reduces fat and tightens the skin. The heat energy targets the cells without damaging surrounding muscles and tissues. It’s usually sold as a fat-removal treatment, aesthetics clinics can combine it with Zwave to break down cellulite.

Where to get Vanquish in Manila:

One of the first Manila clinics to offer Vanquish is The Aivee Clinic  by Dr. Aivee Aguilar Teo. Expect about 4 to 6 sessions, spaced around 10 days apart. Most people can lose up to 3 inches — great for melting the last 5 pounds and the stubborn cellulite fat.

Cellulite treatment creams and scrubs

This is a temporary solution, but can help minimize the appearance of cellulite (because: bikini season). Most creams contain caffeine, which shrinks fat cells by dehydrating them. That’s also why coffee scrubs can have a similar effect. By exfoliating, you’re making skin look extra smooth while the caffeine works some magic on your bulges.

Where to get coffee body scrubs in Manila:

Looking for a spa treatment? Transcend Spa and Nails  has a Reviving Coffee Scrub that banishes both cellulite and bad vibes. This special spa combines massage techniques with alternative healing techniques like Reiki and Theta healing. It’s a spiritual ritual that makes you feel good inside and out.