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3 Doable Ways To Look Younger

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When it comes to aging, age is really just a number. While that may sound cliché, there are studies that show and tell effective doable ways to look younger.

Doing super simple things to take care of your skin could be your best ally. You’ll be surprised how these common neglected simple daily routines can essentially help with your preferred anti-aging beauty products.

We’ve rounded up 3 very simple things you can integrate in your anti-aging efforts daily without having to resort to going under the knife, especially if that’s not your kind of thing.


Trash the coffee and jumpstart your day with tea

For some of us, replacing the usual cup of coffee with tea in the morning could be difficult, but this simple drink switch could do more good than bad. For one, tea does contain way less amount of caffeine. With coffee’s high caffeine levels, a state of “crash” later in the day is common. This will lead you to drink more of it.

Tea, on the other hand, has lesser caffeine can give you a milder brain and energy pick up sans the jitters. Tea is also helpful in losing weight. Unlike coffee, teas barely need any additives like lots of sugar and cream for it to taste good.

Honey, a healthier substitute for sugar can simply do the trick. Researchers also found teas beneficial in protecting our bodies from enzymes that destruct collagen and elastin. With more collagen and elastin present in our bodies, wrinkles can be prevented.

By simple making this morning drink switch, you can literally drink wrinkles away!


Beat your sweet tooth

In a country where malls and restaurants are just about 300 meters away from each other and are open to serve 24 hours, temptation is almost impossible not to give in to.

Simply being bigger than your sweet cravings can save you from premature aging. A study found that too much sugar could make people look 5-7 months older.

Lean in on a low-sugar diet, your skin will thank you!


Hit the sack 15 minutes earlier


Living in a world where we can communicate and stay connected to the rest of the world 24/7, getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep is almost impossible. Even without studies stating how the new generation of today lacks sleep, it is evident when you check Twitter in the middle of the night.

Truth is, the “catching up on sleep” on the weekends doesn’t really do anything. There’s no real way to catch up on lost sleep. Once you lose it, you can’t really get it back or make up for it.

Lack of sleep is known to be one of the major reasons for bad skin- we’re talking about discoloration, fine lines, unevenness and pimples here. And as if these aren’t enough reasons for you to adjust your sleeping habits, most of us neglect our restorative sleep and get offended when our friends and colleagues give us the “you look tired” card.

If you’re one of the many who find it difficult to sleep at night or have problems sticking to a sleep schedule, try going to bed 15 minutes earlier every night. Practice is key. Forming a habit happens when you do it consistently.