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3 skin treatments so good you won’t need makeup

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The no makeup movement is huge, with celebs showing up on the red carpet with nothing but lip gloss and perfect skin. You can have it too. New skin treatments can even out your skin tone and bring out a natural glow.

Fade dark spots with Picosure

Put down that concealer. The picosure laser breaks down acne scars and age spots with less redness, pain and downtime. The secret is in the unique wavelength and a special lens that converts the energy into very gentle pressure. The pulses break down pigments without damaging surrounding cells, and signals your cells to create more collagen.

Patients describe the treatment like “tiny snaps on the skin”.  Simple skin rejuvenation takes just 10 minutes. Your skin immediately looks more radiant. Very dark pigments can take 2 or more sessions (your dermatologist can give you a personalized plan).

Get smoother skin with Fractional Lasers

Fraxel and other non-ablative lasers can improve skin texture and treat fine lines around the eyes and forehead. (Don’t confuse this with Fraxel Dual, another type of laser that usually treats pigmentation and melasma). Basically, the lasers repair the skin by pushing out the damaged cells and prompting your body to produce new, healthy cells.

Fraxel treatments can take about 1 to 2 hours. Patients describe treatments like “pins and needles”. Does it hurt? Depends on your tolerance for pain, but you’ll be given a numbing cream. Your face will feel warm for about 24 hours after (like you’ve just had a sunburn). But it’s nothing an OTC pain reliever or a bag of frozen peas can’t fix! Your face will look red 1 to 3 days after the session, and you may get dry and flaking skin. The good news is that with every session your skin’s texture improves. After 1 week, your skin looks and feel smoother. COllagen continues to improve 3 to 6 months after your last treatment.









Even out skin tone with photofacials

Photofacials or IPL therapy use high pulses of light that can brighten your skin and treat discoloration.  The light energy penetrates deep into the skin and contracts the blood vessels, reducing redness and blotchiness. Any redness or discomfort disappears right after your session, so there’s minimal downtime.

Photofacials can stimulate collagen, but if you have fine lines or sagging skin, consider combining this skin treatment with radio frequency. It may not be the best option for morenas, either: the light energy can interact with the melanin in your skin and cause skin darkening. Weigh the pros and cons with a dermatologist to find out if it’s the best skin treatment for you.