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5 brilliant ways to get the most out of your hair oil

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We love finding many ways of using one product. So if you got a bottle of hair oil, don’t just leave it on the shelf until your next weekly treatment. Here are some brilliant ways to use it every day — and get the most out of that one bottle!

As a pre-wash treatment

Best for: fine hair, dry hair, sensitive scalp

Before you step into the shower, massage a few pumps of oil through your scalp and hair. Give yourself a head massage too! It will stimulate blood flow to your scalp and help you relax. (Don’t you love the scalp massages you get at the hair salon?). Leave for a few minutes, then shampoo and rinse as usual.

Do this twice a week, especially if your hair is dry or has become brittle from color treatments. The scalp massages can also stimulate hair growth. Towel dry or blow dry. (Check out our tips for blow drying for your hair type.)

hair oil blowdrying



To control frizz

Best for: curly hair, frizzy hair, buhaghag hair

Hair oil can help prevent bad hair days! Just pump a small amount of hair oil to your palms.  Rub your palms together then run your hands through the ends of your hair. You can also use a  wide toothed comb to distribute the product.

To remove tangles

Best for: dry and curly hair

Rub a bit of hair oil on your fingers and then work it into tangled areas. Your hair will be easier to comb through.  It’s a lot less damaging than forcing out the tangles with a comb or brush.

If your hair is prone to tangles, then make this a part of your daily shower routine. Transfer hair oil into a small spritz bottle so it’s easier to apply.

hair oil for hair style

To get a sleek hair style

Best for: taming flyaways or finishing your ponytail

Use hair oil to tame any flyaways or smoothe away any pasaway strands. This is the best way to get that sleek ponytail you see in magazine covers or runways. (See our hair tutorials for sleek pony styles!)  The oil also gives a beautiful shine to your hair.

The trick is to not put too much product. Rub the hair oil between your hands and smooth over the top of your hair to tame any fine, flyaway hairs.

To keep your nails looking perfect

Best for: everyone!

Hair oil can actually double as cuticle oil! Rub it into your nails to keep your mani and pedi looking perfect until your next visit to the salon.