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5 Eyeshadow Tips from Makeup Pros

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Does your eyeshadow end up under your eyes? Does your smokey eye look like a muddy mess? Makeup artists and beauty bloggers help you level up your eyeshadow skills and create any makeup look confidently.

1. Apply foundation and neutral powder on your eyelid

This can neutralize any discoloration on your eyelids and bring out the true colors of an eyeshadow. Pick a neutral eyeshadow close to your skin tone. A lot of makeup artists and beauty bloggers like MAC Paint Pot. This step is really helpful when you’re using brown or neutral shades – without a proper base, your makeup will just look dirty.

2. Make it last longer by layering cream and powder

Cream eyeshadows last longer, but tend to smudge especially on oily skin. Powder eyeshadows fade, or for very intense smokey look, end up under the eyes! Get the best of both worlds: use a cream shadow in a neutral color, and then a powder to set it. Cream shadows can ask as your eyelid base (see tip # 1). A light gold shimmer can also help make your eyes look bigger and add a subtle “oomph” to any neutral shadows you layer on top.

3. Tap, pat, then blend

Tap your brush against the table to get rid of excess powder, and then pat the color into the lid before blending ou. If you’re doing a very dark smokey look, cover the cheek and undereye area with a tissue to catch any eyeshadow fallout. Some beauty bloggers will intentionally do eyeshadow first, then apply foundation or concealer afterwards, for easier cleanup and touchup.

4. Use the right eyeshadow brushes

Invest in a decent set made of quality bristles instead of just relying on those that come in the pan. You need a flat, wide brush for applying eyeshadow across the lid, a small round-tipped brush for blending, and a smaller flat brush made of synthetic bristles for applying and blending eyeliner, or setting gel eyeliner with a dark eyeshadow. Have an extra wide brush that you keep clean and use only for blending or sweeping off any excess shadow that’s fallen under your eyes.

5. Apply eyeshadow damp

Damp eyeshadows have more intense colors and are less likely to smudge! Just look for formulas that can be used wet (or ask the beauty counter ladies if you’re not sure). However, damp eyeshadows are harder to blend, so apply only where you need it, a little at a time. We like using this trick for smokey eyes or a sheer pastel wash all over the lid.