Philippine made soaps

7 local bath treats that are just as good as the imported ones!

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These local, Proudly Philippine made soaps are less than half the price of imported luxury brands and smell just as good.

Jarful of Goodness Choco Soap

Philippine made soapsGet your chocolate fix without the calories! P200, Jarful of Goodness

Chocolate? Yes please!  This delish soap is made of cocoa butter, vegetable oils, dark cocoa powder and vanilla essential oils. Sounds like a recipe for our favorite dessert, but it’s a treat for the skin too. It cleans, moisturizes, and leaves you feeling fresh and happy.

Check out Jarful of Goodness’  line of  handcrafted, high quality Philippine made soaps. Vegan, palm-free, cruelty-free and synthetic-free. Absolutely 100% natural!


Soak Artisan Soap Fresh Linen

Philippine made soapsGet good vibes with one whiff! Soak Artisan Soap, P250

If you like Clean perfume, you’ll love this soap. It smells like freshly cleaned linens, and brings back a whole bunch of happy and lazy memories: sleeping in on a Saturday, or your last hotel staycation. And we must say, the pretty swirl design does perk up our bathroom counters.

“I love Soak Artisan soaps! They’re my favorite gifts for teachers or balikbayan visitors because they look and smell like expensive foreign brands. Everyone is surprised that these are Philippine made soaps!” says Tanya Evangelista.

Faith Hope Love AMP

Philippine made soapLighten your skin and your mood! P150, BeautyMNL

OMG the scent! AMP stands for Argan, Mulberry and Peppermint … and it is divine. Smells like an expensive spa and leaves your skin soft and tingly. The plant extracts (which include papaya, carrot and lemon) can help lighten the skin.

This soap is so popular that it often goes out of stock. So when it’s available, get it and hoard! The scent, pretty packaging and overall luxe experience are worth it. And at just P150, it’s a steal!

The Soap Farm Chocolate Mint Cookie Soap

Philippine made soapsA sweet treat for the eyes and senses! P15o for 3, BeautyMNL

Almost too cute to use, but when you do — mmmm!  Moisturizing and minty-fresh, and leaves a wonderful scent too. We like putting these in guest bathrooms or giving them as gifts. But don’t forget to buy a set for yourself! Aside from making your bathroom Instagram-perfect (if you’re into that sort of thing) you’ll smile whenever you need to wash your hands. Hey, every girl needs these simple pleasures.

Zeep Coffee Bean Oil soap

Philippine made soapsFights sun damage and stretchmarks! P225, BeautyMNL

Caffeine junkies, this one’s for you! The coffee bean oil smells amazing, and also does wonders for your skin. It helps fight photoaging (and in Manila, you really need that!) and can help improve elasticity. You can use this on your face, but a lot of the fans of this soap use it on their body too.

“It helped with my stretchmarks on my tummy and boobs — aah, the beauty problems of breastfeeding moms! I also like that it’s organic, because I don’t want to accidentally irritate my baby’s skin when I hold him,” says Abbie Amparo.

The Soap Farm Calming Lavender Soap

Philippine made soapsExfoliate and cleanse with one soap! P150, BeautyMNL

This amazing scrub has shredded loofah particles to gently exfoliate while you wash. No bimpo required! Great for scrubbing the rough spots like elbows and knees, or treating or preventing back acne.

The lavender smell is very mild — enough to relax you, but not interfere with your favorite cologne. We like using this in the morning when we’re just too sleepy to do a major body scrub session.

“I use a whitening lotion that micropeels the skin. This soap helps remove the itchy flakes and libag. Kuminis talaga ang skin ko!”  says Cara Sioson.


Skin Genie Apple Cider Vinegar Soap

Philippine made soapsGently prevent body acne and body odor! P150, BeautyMNL

This has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties — and is a lot less drying than the commercial “germicidal” soaps. Marie Grace Tioson swears by this soap. “I even use it on my young sons who have that ‘amoy araw’ smell from playing outside the whole day.  Sometimes I use it on my face when I get pimples during that time of the month.”

Aside from apple cider vinegar, it contains moisturizing coconut oil, and pink guava, moringa, and papaya extracts.