5 Organic Haircare Products for Healthier Locks

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When it comes to hair, we all have our problems. Too dry, too oily, too dull — the list is endless. To add, hair products with chemical ingredients can even add to the problem!

So if you’re a firm believer that a natural routine is the only way, here’s some organic haircare products we recommend to help you deal with your own hair problems.

For colored and treated hair

From Human Nature’s website

With all the treatments and bleaching your hair went through, it’s no surprise if it turns into a tangled, frizzy mess. But you can still have the best of both worlds — healthy locks and a hair color that embodies your personality.

Meet Human Nature’s Professional Salon Care Conditioner, your solution to reviving your chemically-treated hair.

It’s sulfate-free to make sure your hair color won’t fade and also features avocado and sunflower oils for smoother and frizz-free locks. You won’t have to deal with that small dread that comes with the aftermath of a salon visit any longer!

For dry and brittle hair

If you struggle with dry locks, you’d know that serums can be your knight and shining armour. Pili is a local skincare and wellness brand with ingredients coming from Bicol’s tree of Hope.

Well, they’re definitely giving you some hope for your brittle hair with the Pili Hair Serum.

Their Elemi and Pili oils are their secret to giving you the shiny mane that you’ve always dreamed of. With some coconut oil added into the mix, this makes this plant-based serum the perfect go-to when you need to moisturize and treat your strands.

For dull hair

From Sephora’s website

Whether it’s the summer or rainy season, beach waves seem to always remain on trend. If you have dull hair, it’s only natural that you’d like to add some beachy volume to give life to your locks.

This is why you’d be a perfect match with Herbivore Botanicals’ Sea Mist. This product features sea salt to achieve that beachy locks you’ve always wanted. At the same time, it’s also balanced out by aloe vera so you won’t have to worry about the sea salt drying your hair further.

While we’re focusing on hair, the best thing about this product is that it can also be used on your body! Because of the aloe water, it helps refresh and hydrate your skin too.

For greasy hair

Local brand Beach Born surprised the beauty industry with its best-selling Sea Salt Spray a few years back. Behind each product’s simple black packaging comes

Now, they’ve also introduced a product that’s fit for those who deal with oily locks on a daily basis. With the Onya Nees Shampoo Bar, Beach Born aims to help you exfoliate all the build up over the day and ultimately managing oil secretion.

Now, if you’re worried about your hair completely drying out, Beach Born also threw in seaweed extract that’s packed in with vitamins and minerals to help your scalp and strands recover.

This also makes a great gift for haircare enthusiasts who loves to travel. Each shampoo bar comes with a round tin can for easy storage.

For falling and thinning hair

One way or another, hair fall is something that we’ll deal with. Thankfully, Avalon Organics’ Therapy Thickening Shampoo has our backs (or scalp).

Each bottle is filled with biotin, quinoa protein, vitamin E, and saw palmetto., promising to stimulate the scalp to encourage hair growth.

Its pH-balanced formula ensures that each strand is nourished and strengthened.