fix makeup mistakes

5 quick hacks to fix makeup mistakes

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Smudged your eyeliner? Put on too much blush? Don’t worry – here’s how to fix makeup mistakes without having to redo your entire face.

Eyeshadow fallout

Dip a cotton bud into eye cream to clean up any stray eyeshadow. It’ll pick up the fallout and also moisturize the under-eye area.

If you’re doing a really heavy smoky look, do your eyeshadow before your foundation and concealer.  Just use eye primer and a neutral eyeshadow to even out the eyelids before applying any other color!

smudged lipstick

Smudged lipstick

Don’t wipe off your lips, or you’ll get it everywhere. Just soak a cotton pad with makeup remover and press against your mouth. If you just got smudges along the lip line, use a soaked cotton bud instead. Then, apply a little foundation around the mouth and blend.

Some lipstick formulas are prone to smudging. Tip: apply a thin layer of foundation on your lips first! It’ll act like a base and neutralize your lip color so the shade really shows up.

Cakey or heavy foundation

Mist water into a clean brush or sponge and then dab it all over your face. This sheers out the product for a fresh and natural look!

If you notice your foundation always gets cakey, mix it with serum or facial oil. Apply with a flat-top foundation brush or damp sponge. You’ll have more control than if you slathered it on with fingers!

smudged mascara

Smudged mascara

Let it dry before fixing then roll off the flakes with a cotton bud. All fixed, and no messy smears!  Brush out any clumpy lashes with a clean mascara wand.

Too much bronzer

Apply a very sheer layer of foundation on top with a big fluffy brush or a damp sponge. Blend, blend, blend, blend, blend. This will tone down the bronzer.