what to tell your hairstylist

5 things your hairstylist needs to know to create a haircut you’ll love

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Have you ever been really, really disappointed in your haircut or haircolor? “It’s okay… it’s just not what I thought it would be.” Thank God hair grows back, but to prevent this heartbreak (hair break?) from ever happening again, here are 7 things you should always tell your hair stylist.

1. How often you style your hair

If you hate blowdrying and never touch hair wax, then say so. Your hairstylist can create a cut that won’t need a lot of styling in the morning. If you’ve brought pictures of haircuts you love, ask him: “How much time and how many products will it take to get my hair to look like this?” At least you’ll find out how realistic your Pinterest peg really is.

2. When you had your last hair color/treatment

Frequent hair treatments can damage your hair, so be honest about the last time you’ve had it colored/straightened/curled. Your hairstylist can recommend a hair mask, or if he thinks your hair needs a break, a style that can give you the shape and volume you want without any chemicals. Don’t wait for your hair to get so weak or brittle that he can’t do anything except cut it really, really short to save it.


3. What you loved / hated about your last haircut

Bring pictures of your last haircuts to give your hairstylist an idea of your personal preferences and what worked really well (or went terribly, terribly wrong) in the past. Samantha had to go through five salons before she found a hairstylist who finally got her pixie cut right. “I showed him all my pics and said why I hated those bangs, or why that shape made my head look big, etc. He said, ‘Okay, gets ko na!’ and was able to avoid all the things that disappointed me before.”

what to tell your hairstylist


4. Your overall “style vibe”

You like Bohemian chic, sleek modern lines, or are you a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal? Your hairstylist can recommend a cut and color that will nail your overall fashion statement.

5.  How often you go in for trims

The haircut looks great now… but hair grows.  Ask your stylist how often you’ll need to come in for trims, and if you know it’ll be months before you show up next at a salon, then say so. This is really important if you’re going in for a short cut, or a cut with bangs. How will it grow out, and will it still look good until you’re ready for a touchup?