6 simple habits that you think are okay but actually damage your hair

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Ladies, help us here: We know the real value of having a good hair day, right? We’re sure you’ll also agree that it was dubbed our crowning glory because beautiful hair does significant difference to the way we look. And needless to say, taking good care of our hair is a basic essential that includes understanding the different shampoo and conditioner for every hair type, pampering the hair every so often with salon treatments, and being aware that our simple gestures will help the hair grow more beautifully.  Often, these small things greatly matter to our daily haircare, and we need to be more cognizant on how to make them right. To help you be more aware, we list down some basic habits that you probably think are okay but actually damage your hair.

1. You dry your hair like there’s no tomorrow. 

Drying your hair too aggressively won’t cause you and your lovely hair any good. Rubbing your wet hair with a towel can make your hair too fragile, causing frizz or even breakage. What you should do is to air-dry it a little first, and then towel-dry it gently afterwards.

2. You sleep while your hair is wet. 

Drying your hair could be a little hassle and tiresome, especially when doing it before sleeping. But if you want to wake up with a frizzy, wiry hair in the morning, then go ahead and sleep with a wet hair. However, if you want to keep your hair beautiful and healthy, at least half-dry it before dozing off.

3. You’re using the wrong hair brush. 

The type of brush you use affects your hair more than you know. Narrow-toothed brush is a big no-no when brushing your wet hair, since it is when your hair is at its most fragile state. Try using wide-toothed brush first, and then you could use your favorite brush when your hair dries.

4. You’re brushing your hair from scalp to tip. 

It’s not only the type of brush, but the way you brush it that says a lot on healthy or frizzy your hair will be. Brushing it straight from scalp to tip could be stressful for your hair, since it will be like locking the tangles even tighter. What we advise is that you start brushing from the tip, releasing the tangles at the lower section first, then upward.

5. You’re using too much heat. 

We all know that heating your hair is inevitable, especially when styling it. But doing it every single day and relying on heat when trying to make your hair beautiful will actually make it looks otherwise: dry, frizzy, and suicidal. Give it a break; blow-dry your hair using a very low level of heat, or wear your hair in its natural beauty.

6. You’re tying your hair too tightly.

Although tying the hair is an all-time favorite, it could also be very destructive for your hair if not done properly. Tying it too tightly could cause a lot of discomfort for your scalp, and could weaken your hair and its roots, which may cause hair breakage and hair fall. We definitely don’t want that, do we?