7 things you need to know before microblading

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Wake up with perfect kilay? Yes please. Microblading is a semi-permanent brow treatment that everybody is raving about. “Every time you spot a perfect pair of brows on your Instagram feed and in real life, chances are the killer arches aren’t the product of a really, really good brow pencil, but microblading,” says InStyle magazine.

Here’s one beauty blogger who shares her microblading experience:

What is microblading?

Think of it as a light tattoo. A tool with tiny needles and semi-permanent pigment creates realistic strokes of hair.

How long do results last?

It doesn’t go as deep into the skin as regular tattoos, so you need a refresh in about 12-16 months. However, it does last waaaaay longer than waxing and threading. around three weeks tops before you have to make another appointment.

Microblading isn’t just for  thin brows

Microblading can help fill out gaps in your brows, or hide the effects of overplucking. But everyone can benefit it. Skilled brow artists can help adjust your eyebrow shape to complement your facial features.

Your skin type can affect the results

Dry skin tends to have a more crisp and more defined result. Oily skin can make the tattoo look a bit powdery. Your brow technician will giev you instructions on what to do while the color “sets”. If you have very oily skin, blot your forehead several times a day. You should also avoid applying moisturizer on the eyebrow area.

Take iron supplements

Most pigments used in microblading contain iron oxide, so the color won’t keep as well if you are anemic or have low iron levels. Take your vitamin supplements, or make sure you have a diet rich in iron. (Liver  and leafy greens are great natural sources!)

Keep your face clean

Some salons will say that you should getting your face wet with water for two weeks, but that’s actually a myth. Since microblading creates tiny scratches on your skin, you need to keep the area clean to avoid infection. Ask your eyebrow technician for the best way to wash your face while the color sets.

Go to a reputable eyebrow salon

Lots of Philippine eyebrow salons will offer this service, but pick carefully! You want to go to a brow expert who knows how to create the right shape and color. Ask for samples of work and explain the kind of kilay you want.  Do you want it very sleek and manicured, natural and slightly bushy, very dense and dramatic?

A really good eyebrow salon — and very popular technicians — may charge higher, but don’t go somewhere just because it’s cheap. A bad microblading job takes months to fade and is very hard to fix!