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Best Summer Buddy

Renee has sent you 1 message www.baikalist.com
perfect for your day at the beach
~April 17, 2019
Color Sensational Powder Mattes

Color Sensational Powder Mattes

Good for acne scars!

date Jessica and Anna www.kazna4eyka.com
Cheap alternative for getting facials especially if you're on a budget and has only little time.
~October 16, 2018


Average primer

chat Faith and Marion www.ospprim.com
Not a fan of the scent and I do feel like it's a bit too sticky and tacky. However it serves as a good base for my makeup.
~October 05, 2018


love that its vegan

chat Beryl and June www.odnaclassica.com
Not sticky which I appreciate
~October 05, 2018

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SPF is important!

date Sylvia and Regina www.lililio.com
applying on a sunscreen as part of my skincare routine is essential, especially if you have a tendency to be under the sun a lot. I wouldn't recommend using this though if you know you're going to be around a lot of flash photography, can create a white ghostly look on your face in photos taken with flash-photography.
~August 22, 2018

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Nice product, but wouldn't be my first choice

date Brandi and Christy www.lermind.com
I like how this mascara coats my lashes, it thickens the look of my lash hairs amd makes it look more voluminous. The only problem i have with this mascara is the wand, since it is made with hard plastic bristles instead of bristle hairs, i accidentally poked my eye while applying it. That issue aside, this mascara is still a great product.
~August 17, 2018
Club Clio

Club Clio

good pigmentation, but color does not work on my skintone

chat Dorothy and Stella www.lermind.com
This would probably look better on other skin tones, but for skin that is more tan or has a golden undertone this will not suit you. I looked washed out wearing this lippie, but it looked better on a friend of mine with a cooler undertone in her skin.
~August 16, 2018


chat Teresa and Veronica www.holybirdsoftware.com
It is a fairly good product. It leaves the skin nourished and supple. Most important is that it does not leave your skin dry. It has a mild smell to it. The price is affordable. It is easily available in mostly many stores. It comes few other scents but I have not tried those. For me I like this scent pretty more than the rest. Try it.???
~July 12, 2018

Pretty Looks

Great service!

date Janice and Jenna www.megacentr.com
The friendly staff make you feel comfortable whenever you enter their place! They are knowledgeable and patient even you have more questions. Well done. Sure have room to improve, but good enough to attract you come back again soon.
~July 08, 2018
Lay Bare (Cash & Carry)

Lay Bare (Cash & Carry)

Personalised Service

meet Angela and Tina www.2bget.com
I love how I can use my hair to contour my otherwise big face. The stylist is always ready to give their honest advice and always ask if I needed a drink. It’s a home away from home :)
~July 06, 2018