How to avoid binge eating during the lockdown

Categories : Wellness

This ECQ and the lockdown stress had us binge eating our quarantine snacks nonstop. To avoid unhealthy eating habits and the inevitable #Quarantine15, we list down a few tips to encourage us to physically distance ourselves from the fridge:

Plan your meals and grocery shopping list.

The fact that you can only go out for groceries on a tight schedule could mean two things: you either plan your meals or just grab whatever you see at the supermarket. When you’re meal planning or grocery shopping, focus more on healthy food items than junk food as maintaining a healthy diet is crucial in fighting the COVID-19 virus.

Don’t let hunger hit you.

We’re pretty sure your body clocks are messed up right now. Try to start and follow proper meal timings to avoid random hunger pangs. If we’re hungry, we tend to grab anything from the fridge or from our quarantine stash and we tend to overeat. Once you feel hungry, eat something light like yogurt or fruits. Also, practice slow eating: you’ll end up eating less this way.

Eat in a designated dining area.

Don’t condition yourself to eat where you sleep. Make it a habit to eat in your dining area. It’s difficult, we know, especially if you just want to eat some snacks while catching up on your favorite series. Don’t get yourself into a routine that might be difficult to break after the ECQ.

Distract yourself.

Between calls from your colleagues and working while lying down are numerous snack breaks. Whenever you feel like snacking, ask yourself if you’re just bored or you’re really hungry—genuine hunger is different from emotional hunger. Engage in entertaining activities like playing video games or starting a conference call with friends. Studies reveal that when we are entertained or distracted, our anxiety levels decrease, hence the need for the urge to snack.

Avoid the “whatever” mindset.

It’s a constant struggle but we tend to turn cheat snacks into cheat weeks. For example: “I already ate fried chicken anyway, so I’ll eat this whole tub of ice cream.” To avert this, break a sweat and do something physical like yoga, squats, or crunches to make you feel less guilty when you binge eat.

From time to time, it’s okay to indulge in hyper-caloric foods but in moderation—no need to restrict yourself. This can avoid a rebound effect when you go grocery shopping next time.

Cook your own food.

It’s easy to fall into the trap that is food delivery. Make this a period where you can brush up on your cooking skills (or even start learning how to cook!). Follow the #homemadefood and #homecooking hashtags on Instagram and get inspired. Show off your cooking skills to your followers as well, to give you more motivation.

Be kind to yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with comfort food, but doing it in excess can turn into a cycle. Stay connected with loved ones, do something you enjoy, and don’t beat yourself up, as it can lead to more emotional eating.