biggest hair color trends 2020

The biggest hair color trends of 2020 – a Beauty Insider hairstyle guide

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We’re nearing the new year and we can’t wait to shake up our look with new hair color. It’s the easiest way to update your look and with the countless trends we’re seeing on Instagram, there are plenty of pegs to choose from. See what we’re eyeing below:

1. Soft Pastel Hues

Start the year with a bang with a soft but subtle pastel color. We’re seeing strawberry pinks, baby blues, and even Disney-inspired Chestnut-colored hair! The process of getting this hue on your mane can be a little bit more difficult than a usual darker tint (and maintenance can be a bit tricky) but if you love expressing yourself, we’re sure this is the way to go.

2. Chocolate Brown

One of the most preferred hair colors ever, getting a Chocolate Brown update for your ‘do is a subtle but chic change. The spectrum of brown hair is full of rich and vibrant shades. Choose cooler tones like Mocha or Dark Chocolate if your skin has warm undertones and the opposite if you have cooler undertones.

3. Ash Gray Hair

Look edgy and influencer-cool with Ash Gray hair. The tint is gray on platinum blonde hair and can be applied as ombre highlights or as full and opaque as you want. The upkeep can be tricky (like the soft pastel hair color) and may need touch-ups monthly. But with a cool new look like this, what’s a little trip to the salon every month?

4. Milk Tea Hair

The top trending hair color of 2019, milk tea hair takes its cue from everyone’s beloved bubble tea. A trend that started in Singapore and Japan, we’re seeing more and more of the warm honey, with a dash of brown shade on Instagram. The trick is getting a soft transition of warm to cool from the roots to the strands.

5. Inky Black Hair

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Let’s get back to basics with jet black, ink-like hair. We saw this look on Bella Hadid and we can’t wait to pair it with a short ‘do like her. Imagine a black on black outfit with this hair color—tres chic.