best beauty tools you need for perfect skincare this year

The beauty tools you need for a better skincare routine this 2020

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Ready to up your skincare game? Aside from your favorite skincare products, there’s a growing section in our favorite department stores that level up application—beauty tools. From the Instagram-trending crystal rollers to a reusable makeup eraser, find our favorites below:

1. FOREO Luna™ Go For Sensitive Skin

FOREO Luna™ Go For Sensitive Skin
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FOREO is a known beauty device brand that offers technologies up how you apply your skincare. Start with the Luna™ Go For Sensitive Skin, a cleansing device that has soft silicone touch-points and T-Sonic pulsations that “remove 99.5% of dirt and oil, as well as makeup residue and dead skin cells”. Use with your facial cleanser and feel it deep clean on your skin.

2. Jade Roller Beauty, Jade Roller Amethyst

JADE ROLLER BEAUTY Jade Roller Amethyst by JRB
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This amethyst roller claims to be restorative to the skin and promotes collagen stimulation. According to, it “amplifies far infrared rays to stimulate fibroblasts and encourage collagen production to soothe breakouts and is excellent for scarring”. Read about crystal rollers in our official guide here.

3. REFA Caxa Ray Massager

REFA Caxa Ray Massager
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Think of it as ulthera in beauty device form. This massager aims to reduce tensions in the face and neck. Massage into a scooping and kneading motion to reduce tensions. The result? “The massager helps to activate skin cells to tighten loosened skin, sharpen features and reduce fine lines and dark circles around the eyes.”

4. Makeup Eraser

the original makeup eraser
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It’s as simple as it says it is. This Makeup Eraser cloth helps remove makeup and pigmented colors on the skin. Just use it with warm water to wash away your #FOTD! The cloth, made with a woven polyester blend, can be used for a thousand washes.