best creams, pimple patches and treatments to help remove a pimple overnight

Best creams, pimple patches and treatments to remove a pimple overnight

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Ahh, zits. When they pop up right before a big day or show up after days of having good skin, we all hope to find quick remedies (overnight, if possible) to help reduce the appearance and soothe its redness. Below we’ve listed down the spot treatments we know works to get rid of your pesky pimple in a jiffy.

1. Wildleaf Super Spot Treatment

Wildleaf Super Spot Treatment

This fast-acting spot treatment is formulated with all-natural grapeseed, tea tree, lavender and pumpkin oils. When applied, it helps soak skin to neutralize the bacteria that cause acne. Aside from this, it claims to be fast-acting in diminishing dark spots on the skin.

2. Skinpotions Acne Pie Pimple Calming Soap

Skinpotions Acne Pie Pimple Calming Soap

This face and body soap claims to treat sensitive, acne-prone skin. Made with coconut oil and salicylic acid (a potent ingredient that targets acne), it cleanses skin and then moisturizes with papaya extract and aloe vera oil.

3. CosRX Pimple Patch

CosRX Pimple Patch

Stick on this pimple patch on your problem area and you’ll see it cleared overnight. Because it’s made with hydrocolloid, it decongests deep-rooted pimples. Aside from this, the sticker helps you avoid picking at it. Bonus: they come in three different sizes so you can soothe any pimple no matter how big it is.

4. Beauty Bakery Multipurpose Spot Treatment

Beauty Bakery Multipurpose Spot Treatment

Another hyped ingredient in the skincare scene is witch hazel. This Multipurpose spot treatment is made with 100% of this calming and healing extract, claiming to treat as it soothes skin. It comes with a wand so you can get precise when applying the formula. Use this if you want to minimize inflamed pimples.

5. Glossier Zit Stick

Glossier Zit Stick

Another product from the fave cult brand, the Glossier Zit Stick works the way it looks. It’s a portable pen that you twist and applies to problem areas. Made with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, it kills germs that cause blemishes. Use it up to 3 times a day—based on a clinical trial conducted by Glossier, up to 83% saw a reduction in the size of their pimples after using it for three hours.