The waterproof and sweatproof makeup for the active you

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Wearing makeup to the gym, the park, or on the beach is tricky. Of course, there’s the issue of having all those products melting on your face under the sweat and sun. Sticky skin from the cakey foundation and smudged mascara don’t exactly make for the best gym or beach look.

Aside from the obvious, there is also a nuance to sporting beauty products while frolicking on the treadmill, the running spot, or the shore. While a full face won’t look out of place while you’re on a dinner date or going out to the club, a laid-back day at the gym or the beach means keeping it bare — or looking like it, at least. This calls for a makeup arsenal providing maximum impact with minimal effort while keeping you protected from the sun and water. We rounded up some of the certified water-proof and sweat-proof products for the active babe.

For sheer and glowing coverage that will keep you protected from the sun

Tinted sunscreen is best for those days spent in the outdoors while still providing you some coverage. This sunscreen from V&M Naturals contains SPF 35 and is chock-full of nourishing ingredients such as their famous emu, argan, and jojoba oils to keep skin protected and moisturized.

V&M Keep Safe Tinted Sunscreen,

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something that’s still lightweight but double-duty, reach for Happy Skin’s Good to Go Five-Minute Foundation and Concealer, specially formulated for the outdoors. With SPF to shield your face from UV rays, this product spreads on evenly to conceal blemishes, and Vitamin E and sweet almond oil to keep your skin feeling soft as a baby.

Good to Go Five Minute Fresh Face Foundation and Concealer,

For a glowing, luminous complexion that looks natural in the outdoors

Nothing says glowing goddess like a radiant finish, but when you’re under the bright rays of the sun, your shimmery formulas may not look as natural. For a more effortless way to glow, reach out for your favorite facial oil. Squeeze a drop or two on the back of your palm and dab this on the high points of your face, the way you would normally apply highlighter: on the forehead, the brow bones, cheekbones, the nose bridge, and on your Cupid’s bow.

Herbs & Hyssop Glow Facial Oil,

For a flawless cat-eye flick that will stay put even in the water

To score that cool, wet look that seems straight out of a magazine, perfect that flawless cat’s eye with a waterproof formula. This gel eyeliner from Happy Skin’s active line comes with a felt tip for easier control over the application. Gel liner is also better when it comes to beach-ready makeup as liquid formulas tend to look too dramatic for the laid-back setting. This product also contains Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid, boosting hydration on the lash line while being safe for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens users.

Generation Happy Skin Active Simply Defined Gel Liner,

For voluminous yet natural-looking lashes that won’t melt in the heat

The trick to pulling off mascara on the gym, the running spot or the beach is to make it look like you’re not wearing any. That means no clumping, and no streaky messes, which this product tends to do under the sun and sweat. Opt for a waterproof mascara that swipes on evenly and won’t budge even underwater.

Scuba Water-Resistant Black Mascara,

A buildable matte powder in a warm-nude tone for a sun-kissed complexion

Again, you’ll want to stay away from shimmery formulas to really ace that no-makeup makeup look. This matte powder from Balm Beach comes in a sun-kissed color that suits even medium skin tones. Use as a blush or as a bronzer to warm your complexion. You can even stipple this towards the center of your cheeks all the way to the nose for a drunk-blush look!

Balm Beach Blush,

A lightweight lip color that won’t dry your lips after a long day

Your usual go-to liquid or bullet lipstick might be too heavy for a day out under the sun. Opt for a lightweight formula that feels next to nothing on the lips, with moisturizing properties that will keep your puckers hydrated throughout the day.

Nude It tinted lip balm,

A nude lippie in a perfect MLBB shade is just the right hue for a gym-ready or beach-ready selfie, especially for that bronzed, au naturel makeup look!