Ever Bilena

About Ever Bilena

Established in late 1983 as a single proprietorship by Dioceldo Sy, EBCI launched its first line of product – “Ever Bilena” Nail Polish. Despite the difficult business climate brought by the Aquino-Galman assassinations, Ever Bilena was an instant success.

By 1985, Ever Bilena has grown into a full cosmetic line with more than 200 beauty consultants in every department store nationwide. The company also has established exclusive distributorships in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. With more than 1000 cosmetic products in the market today, Ever Bilena is now a household name for quality and affordable cosmetics. The company has gone a long way as Ever Bilena actively participates in various activities such as sponsoring national and local beauty pageants nationwide. EBCI has also participated in other competitions and has won major awards.

It was also in 1985 that EBCI started supplying to other local companies with cosmetic base ingredients. EBCI was experiencing monumental peso sales growth of up to 200% yearly. Since then, EBCI has continued to grow in both volume and peso sales value.

By mid-1994, the proliferation of direct selling companies led to market saturation of beauty products. Ever Bilena has reached its maximum potential and there was a need to expand to other businesses. It was also in this year that Mr. Sy met the “Wings” group of Indonesia and further talks led Mr. Sy to realize that affordable cleaning products with superior quality can be supplied to the public. They formed a new company, DSS Productmakers, Inc. The new company would concentrate on trading, promoting and selling of quality, affordable cleaning products.

In 1997 when the world’s economy was at its worst, Ever Bilena was able to survive this difficult time by redesigning more efficient plastic packaging materials to continue maintaining the price. This made the brand even stronger considering that consumers who used to patronize expensive American brands now realized that Ever Bilena can offer just about the same quality but at 1/3 of the price they were used to paying. Furthermore, a lot of cosmetic companies were pulling out from department stores outside of Manila , while Ever Bilena remained an ever loyal business partner of many stores with a commitment to Filipinos to continuously supply affordable cosmetics.

2002 was a breakout year for EBCI due to the massive training of its sales staff a year earlier. The outmost effect of this was felt in 2005 since the formal training was supplemented by the constant achievement of the annual sales target of the company. New sources and more dynamic products are in line to provide the Filipino people with better choices of cosmetic products.