About Suesh

Suesh Cosmetics The Touch of Beauty Experts
Ever wonder how the experts do it? More than talent, make-up tools are just as essential to exuding the beauty in you!

Suesh Cosmetics continues to innovate to keep abreast with every woman’s needs in exuding beauty and confidence.

Company Overview
Suesh Cosmetics was established in February 2006 with the love and desire of three sisters for makeup. Holding a certificate on Chief Trainer’s Training in Skin Care from Tokyo Japan, a certificate of Cosmetology in the Center of Aesthetics Studies (CAS), and being the Chief Makeup Artist for one of the top 3 Japan makeup brands, these proprietors know what makeup is all about.

The brand and products were created to fulfill each woman’s desire to get hold of makeup tools at affordable prices, without sacrificing the quality that might affect their most prized possession –the skin.

Suesh Makeup Toolkit
Suesh Cosmetics started distributing Suesh Makeup brushes and has been successful at that with countless commendable reviews, testimonials, and endorsements. Beauty and fashion celebs, magazine and newspaper editors as well as well-known makeup artists have highly recommended Suesh.

The makeup brushes are produced using Japanese and Korean techniques and materials, the technology top market brands use. The bristles are made from fine goat, squirrel, and pony hair –the types of animal hair that are best for human skin in applying makeup.

These brushes are made from superior quality natural fibers which are tested, approved, and commended by the artists themselves. These quality brushes bring perfect definition, precise application and an even finish to your specific facial contour while giving a more natural and longer lasting look.

Other Products and Services
With the success of its pioneer product, Suesh Cosmetics expanded its line by carrying more makeup tools like tool belts, cosmetic storage solutions such as chiller, vanity cases, and makeup cleaner, and more variations of makeup brushes.

With the wonders of Suesh, now you can acquire the touch of beauty experts.

Best in Cosmetic Tools -2011- Top Brand Awards, Philippines
Cosmo Award Winner
Metro Magazine Beauty Awards Winner