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This cushion sponge hack will save your skin

Categories : Skincare

Don’t throw away your used cushion sponges! They’re the best way to apply sunscreen. Yes, you read that right!

Sunscreen is the single best thing you can do to stop aging and skin damage.  But to get full protection, you need to reapply every few hours. Yeah, we know — such a hassle.

Not anymore! Cushion sponges let you bounce-and-pat your fave sunscreen in the middle of the day without ruining your makeup. They’re not as absorbent as most sponges (since they’re made to pat in product instead of blending it) so you get a really natural airbrush effect.  Plus, sunscreen won’t feel greasy.

You can use an old cushion sponge, and just clean it well. Here’s a simple tutorial from Laneige!

You can also buy cushion sponges at beauty supply stores and Korean boutiques like Etude House (P128) and Innisfree (P128).