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Eternal youth? Here are the beauty habits that prevent your skin from aging

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There are a lot of factors that contribute to skin aging. Don’t blame it on your actual age because, hello, there are so many seasoned personalities who look fabulous even when they go beyond their 40’s (uhm, Lucy Torres) and 50’s (uhm, Dawn Zulueta). Experts say that it’s mostly caused by sun exposure and stress. Yes, stress. While we don’t get to stay under the sun now that everyone is on quarantine due to Covid-19, also we cannot avoid to feeling stressed especially when there’s so much happening around us that keeps us anxious and uncertain. 

We may not be able to stay away from the circumstances that lead to stress and skin aging (ultimately), but we certainly can avoid looking old and dull. Here, we give you the most practical habits to follow in winning your anti-aging war. Rediscover your skin’s potential to look at its best, and stay young and fresh at all times!

Exfoliate – it’s a must.

Layers of dead skin cells will impede what good cleansers and creams can do. They become a barrier to skincare products which will simply graze or lay atop old skin, preventing them from being fully efficacious.

Make your skin receptive to skincare products by exfoliating. Doing this not only brightens the skin instantly, but it also makes it look more even-toned. Exfoliating regularly will ensure crystal-clear skin.

Choose between mechanical exfoliators (good ones contain crushed organic material such as bamboo, seeds, and shells) or chemical exfoliators (they have AHA/BHA which acts on the skin’s deeper layers)

Cleanse with care.

Good cleansers efficiently remove makeup and daily grime from the skin to maintain its glow. However, do not use harsh motions or be overzealous in washing your face – if it feels squeaky clean, you may have stripped your skin of the necessary facial oils that protect and keep it healthy.

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Don’t skip the toner.

Western toners typically remove dirt/makeup remnants and tighten pores, while Asian toning lotions ready the skin for the absorption of nourishing ingredients. This is not always a necessary step but certainly a beneficial one.

Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

Applying a serum before a moisturizer will amp up the skincare effects you desire. Let the serum absorb fully before putting on your moisturizer. As a rule of thumb, try not to use serums alone as they often need the occlusive properties of gels and creams to seal in moisture.

Facial masks nourish the skin too. They are clever products that address a plethora of skincare needs and impart speedy effects.

Hydrate the eye area.

The proverbial windows to our souls, the eyes are an important feature of our face. Soothe and hydrate the eye area with eye gels and creams. They are especially recommended for people who apply concealer under the eye daily, as well as those who are constantly staring at computers and other electronic devices.

Give your lips some love.

To soothe chapped lips, apply lip salve or even eye cream, a secret tool of many makeup artists. A plumping lip concentrates conditions and sculpts lips too. Leave it on for five minutes and blot off the excess before lipstick.

lip masks

Choose the right makeup.

Artfully-applied makeup can complement skincare to do wonders for your appearance. A brightening product on the planes of the face (the forehead, cheekbones and nose bridge), as well as around the nose and eyes, can revitalize the complexion. Brush foundation from inside out for a natural-looking application.

Look for makeup with skincare benefits to maintain your clear skin.

Keep mists and spritz.

A favorite of beauty insiders, facial sprays not only helps to prep the skin for skincare, but they also prolong makeup wear, while lending luminosity. Many face mists are now imbued with skincare properties to enhance and complement skincare routines.

Make it a routine.

Spend at least five to ten minutes – once or twice a day – on your skincare routine. That little bit of time will make a difference over the months. Make it habitual.

Look Good From Within

Topical products aren’t all we need, though. Besides good skincare products, diet and exercise are the keys to great-looking skin. Our skin needs ample water and nutrients such as vitamins to function well and stay healthy. Exercise helps to boost circulation which gives vitality and radiance to our complexion. Also, don’t sweat the small stuff, and learn to let go of your anxieties. Inner peace helps skin glow happily, too.

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