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Is your Facebook page turning customers away?

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If your brand or clinic isn’t on Facebook, then you’re losing a lot of business. Filipinos are one of the biggest social media users in the world, and you could get more queries from a well-run Facebook account than placing ads in magazines and newspapers.

Challenges of running a Facebook account

It’s easy to create a Facebook account, but it’s a headache to run it. What content do you push? Is the content Facebook-friendly? Many doctors and beauty establishments struggle to find images or ways to break down their menu of services into fun, readable and shareable posts. Unlike makeup and beauty brands — who can rely on materials sent by their principal office, or post pictures of their products — aesthetics and wellness services must find creative ways to describe dermal fillers or liposuction in user-friendly ways.

Facebook mistake 1: Not posting enough

You need to post at least once a day. Regular posts engage your customers and help make your brand part of their everyday life.  An “empty” Facebook page gives people the impression that you are a weak brand, and discourages them from following you. It’s the digital equivalent of having a half-furnished office! Your Facebook page has to look as vibrant, professional and dynamic as your own clinic.

But what do you post about? Sean Gerard, CEO of Mapletree Media — a digital agency focused primarily on aesthetics and beauty brands — recommends a good mix of doctor quotes, tips, and info on your  services. Facebook also allows you to schedule your posts, so good planning can help you take care of all your social media in one go.


Facebook mistake # 2:  Only posting ads

Social media is about building relationships, and you can’t get that if your only communication is in the form of a sales talk. Your social media presence should reflect the natural connection you form with your patients. You are friendly, accommodating, interested in their concerns and not just making a buck. Try asking yourself what kind of information your customers or clients may want, before and after they visit your clinic. Your social media can be a way of continuing the conversation.

Facebook mistake # 3: Not checking your messages

In the digital age, people are more likely to reach out on social media than actually call a clinic or establishment. Answering a Facebook message query is as critical as answering your phone when it rings. Assign one of your staff to check your social media every day. His or her tasks should include replying to any comments or private messages, liking comments, and interacting with the Facebook pages of key influencers. Engagement is the name of the game!

Facebook mistake # 4: Using bad images

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and a professional brand invests in high quality images the same way they make sure their establishment or store is clean, brightly lit, and has a professional and welcoming atmosphere. Studies show that most Facebook users look at pictures before they even read the text, and will only check a link or your Facebook “About Us” after viewing your feed. If your Facebook page doesn’t look visually appealing, you will never entice them to get to know more about your brand.

Facebook mistake # 5: Not boosting

It is practically impossible for a new business to create an organic following, thanks to the new Facebook algorithims which prioritize personal posts from friends before any kind of business posts. The only way to reach your customers and expand your followers is to invest in boosts, which will help target specific audiences. You can pick your boost reach according to location, interest, or age.

The good news is that Facebook boosts are quite affordable in the Philippines. Considering the massive reach of social media, and the new customers you can attract with one simple click, the small investment can help your brand or clinic’s business can pay off.

Have more questions about Facebook management? Contact Mapletree Media, the largest southeast Asian digital marketing agency devoted to the beauty and aesthetics industry.