How to be extra with your hair

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We have been told time and again that the sun is our number one element to skin aging. Hence, it is a must to always wear sunscreen, sunblock or any beauty product with good amount of sun protection. But did you know that our crowning glory (yes, we mean, hair!) is also susceptible to sun damage? Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun act on the hair in a similar way to bleaching; they oxidize strands and weaken their protein structure. That means, hair protection is a must for a good hair day; since hair can burn under the sun, but we don’t just feel and notice it. 

Prolonged sun exposure can cause hair to get lighter and lose shine; develop a rougher, drier texture; and lose elasticity and become more porous and prone to breakage and split ends. It is also the reason why hair experts would always caution that hair treatments (coloring most especially) are susceptible to the sun’s most villainous tendencies. Virgin hair takes less beating, but white and gray hair types are quite vulnerable because they don’t contain melanin, the pigment cells that give hair its color but also protect it from UV damage.

So, whether you are beach-bound or not, it is highly important to give the hair that extra care – the same way we do for our skin. Hair protection should be on top mind, and here are some easy ways to go about it:

1. Apply hair oil before sunbathing.

hair care hair oil sunbathing sun protection summer beach
Don’t forget the hair oil before you go under the sun.

Take a preemptive strike against hair damage with the use of a nourishing blend of all-natural botanical oils. Apply before your next beach outing or poolside jaunt for protection against sun, chlorine, and seawater.

2. Don’t forget the hair cream.

This multitasking hair cream contains hydrating sugar beet to repair dry ends, monoi oil for mega-watt shine, and UV protection to preserve your colorist’s latest balayage work. Rub a small dollop between your palms and apply through lengths of hair whenever your mane feels particularly parched.

3. Hats, caps, turbans are not only for fashion.

beach hat hair protect sun summer holidays vacation girl in bikini standing o
Yes, your hat will protect your hair, too, against the sun.

Hair accessories must be both fashionable and functional. Your breathable waterproof turban will guard locks against relentless sunshine or an afternoon walk to a meeting without compromising your meticulously planned work wardrobe.

4. Sunscreen is good for the scalp, too.

When slathering on the SPF, don’t forget your scalp. Massage a quarter-size amount of sunscreen onto your part before heading outdoors. 

5. Add the hair mask to your face mask session.

hair mask beauty sun protect sun damage beauty

After a busy week, treat tired tresses to an intensely nourishing Sunday-night masking session. The proprietary moisture-rich complex deeply repairs in minutes, giving your hair the beauty rest it deserves.