how to hide dark circles

How to hide dark circles and blemishes

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Makeup pros tell you how to hide dark circles (even the darkest, deepest panda eyes!)  and get a fresh, natural-looking finish.

Apply with fingers, blend with tools

Cream concealers actually look better if you apply with your fingers — the body heat melts them so they’re easier to blend. But to get a really flawless finish, blend out the edges with makeup tools.

If you’re covering dark circles, use a damp sponge. It picks up the excess product, which means your concealer won’t cake in the middle of the day.

If you’re covering acne or blemishes, use a small concealer brush and then stipple the edges to blend out the edges.

If you’re covering redness around the nose/mouth, large birthmarks or dark patches, use a damp sponge and apply light layers. Then reach for whatever tool you used to apply your foundation. It should have just enough product left over to stipple over the edges.

Lisa Eldridge (who has done several Vogue and Elle covers) shows you how to hide dark circles and blemishes:

 Use a different concealer for acne and dark circles

For acne, you need a thick concealer (like what you’d find in a concealer pot) so the product stays put the whole day. For dark circles, pick a liquid concealer or a creamy but blendable concealer. The lighter formula won’t settle into fine lines.

 Get a color corrector

Dark circles under the eyes have a blue undertone, which is neutralized by orange, yellow or peach color correctors.  Redness can be neutralized by green color correctors.

Here’s what to do:

  • Apply color corrector
  • Apply foundation
  • Apply regular concealer
 Another product you can use for dark circles is yellow powder.  You pat this on top of concealer to set it.