Facial crystal rollers: Do they really work?

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We’ve watched Heart Evangelista and Kim Chui’s beauty vlog reviews about these facial rollers.  Rose quartz, amethyst or jade? Take your pick. These crystals — said to attract love, help remove bad juju or bring prosperity, in that particular order — are probably 2019’s top trending beauty tool on social media. You’ll see it everywhere.  

Operationally, crystal rollers are said to do two things. First, help creams, gels, and products absorb unto the skin. Massaging the rollers after dabbing on creams can apparently help it soak into skin better. 

Second, it decreases puffiness and inflammation. Reiki Master Julie Civiello Polier tells girlboss.com, “Jade or other gemstone rollers are, indeed, beneficial for stimulating the lymph system, which is this vital fluid responsible for relieving the body of its waste and toxins, allowing for a flourishing and healthy immune system.”

Easily include the crystal roller in your AM and PM routine as an extra step to help soak your skin with gels, creams and whatnots. Experts suggest rolling in upward motions to help facilitate blood flow in the face. 

Not sure what to get as your first roller? There are three well-known crystals—Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Jade and you must know to differentiate them according to their benefits.

Known as the “crystal of venus”, get a Rose Quartz roller if you want to attract love or signify self-care. Ancient Egyptians valued this stone because it helps heal emotions and anger.

Said to purify the skin, Amethyst rollers are said to help decrease bad juju and stress. Usually associated with helping get rid of acne and pores, Amethyst release infrared “which slightly raise skin temperature to increase circulation” according to beautybay.com.

Said to be a calming stone, Jade roller is noted as the most effective in flushing out toxins and bacteria. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for years. (Insider tip: Read up our actual guide on how to use a jade roller).

Crystal rollers are trending for a reason. It’s a tool brought upon by the right mix of aesthetics, history, and science. If you believe in these things, we recommend trying it out. The good thing is there are no known side effects in adding this to your routine. Just take the precaution that when you do, always make sure you’re using a clean roller.