How to Apply a Cat Eye According to Your Eye Shape

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When it comes to perfecting certain makeup looks, the cat eye is one technique that many aspiring beauty fans struggle to master. Apart from the precision needed, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation with this eyeliner trick. What works for one eye shape won’t necessarily work for another, so it’s important to take note of your own shape in order to achieve a flawless flick.

We’ve come up with a basic guide on how to apply a cat eye, based on your eye shape.

Down-turned Eyes

If you think the feline flick doesn’t work for down-turned eye shapes, think again. The trick is not to follow the eye shape as you would for up-turned lids, but to draw an outline of the cat-eye where you would want it to flick upwards. Pick an area towards the outer corner of your eyes as your liner’s highest point, and then draw to connect it to your top liner. You can also extend this to connect to the corner of your lower eyelid.

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are pretty symmetrical, with pointed inner corners and rounded centers until it tapers back towards the outer corners. If your irises are covered by your lids at the top and at the bottom, you have almond eyes.

To do a cat eye, simply follow your lid with a thin line, and increase the thickness as you reach the outer corners. You can accentuate this with a bold wing at the end, and connect it to your lower lash line by drawing a line along that length as well.

Up-turned Eyes

Up-turned eyes have a naturally cat-like quality to them, so simply accentuate with a dramatic wing at the end. Keep the line thin as to maintain a balanced look.

Hooded Eyes

Those with hooded lids may find donning a winged liner a challenge, as the upper hoods just tend to conceal any trace of eyeliner. To work around this shape, start with the outer corner of your eye, where you want the eyeliner to turn up. Work your way towards the inner corner of the eyes first in light strokes, and then feel free to increase the thickness as you go along.

Monolid Eyes

If you follow K-Pop stars, then you’ll know that a visible crease is not necessary to achieve a beautiful cat eye — in fact, a dramatic upturned winged liner can enhance monolid shapes. The lack of crease also means you can get creative with your winged styles. Start with the outline of your cat eye and draw your desired shape, leaving room to fill the gaps with thick eyeliner in the middle. You’ll need to pile on the eyeliner extra thick so it can be visible even when your eyes are open.

Deep-Set Eyes

With natural depth and definition to your peepers, it’s best to keep the edges of your eyeliner thin, doing just a subtle flick at the end that it extends your upper lash. You can also extend the corners with a horizontal wing.

Prominent Eyes

When you have a prominent eye shape, you have big, beautiful peepers that typically draw more attention than the rest of your face: think Mila Kunis or Nicole Richie. Draw a thin line that follows the shape of your eye, doing a light flick at the end. For a bolder look, you can also accentuate your eyes with a smokey eye. With dark eye shadow, blend this towards the outer corner to create a V-shape, in order to contour your eyes to create a more up-turned shape.

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