How to party well this season and still look fresh the next day

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Fact: We all want to #WakeUpGorgeous despite partying hard. We hate the pains of a hangover but we love to drink. We want to wake up the night-after with all our senses functioning pretty well. But, how can we have the best of both worlds, of parties and of a perfectly ordinary day?

Here are our five tips, and if you follow them well, we’re very sure that you can win the holidays and spend each and every social event without feeling fatigued, tired, and most importantly, hammered.

It may seem overwhelming to go to a party after party this season, down drink after drink, and come out unscathed, but with these tips, you can go to as many social gatherings as you want without waking up completely sloshed the next day.

Let’s enjoy the holidays and #WakeUpGorgeous without the groggy feelings, and hangovers this season! 

Drink at your own pace.


While it may be tempting to out-drink your friends, gone are the days when competitive guzzling with one another was viewed as a sign of strength. Swallow your pride instead of your 13th tequila shot and slow down. That way, you’ll view drinking as it ought to be: a relaxing bonding activity best shared with friends instead of a blood sport with potential foes.

Eat first, drink later!

party hard drink responsibly

There’s a science to eating first before drinking alcohol. You have to fill your guts so you don’t spill your guts! According to the Health Promotion Agency, food dilutes the alcohol and drastically slows its absorption into the bloodstream by preventing it from passing quickly into the small intestine. In other words, alcohol has to go through a maze of food before needing to get into the bloodstream, negatively affecting the whole body.

Plan your way home.


With enough alcohol, even the simplest, most basic thought can elude you. What you think you know starts becoming blurry, from the name of the new person you just met to where you placed your phone. Even your plans to get home (something too important to forget) is suddenly wiped clean from our memory banks. So before you start drinking, let your sober self schedule a ride, ask the designated driver to bring you home later, or better yet, prevent the “tipsy” you from ever coming out in the first place.

If you’re the designated driver, don’t drink at all or pick someone else to take your shots for you––let them take one for the team!

Don’t accept drinks from strangers.


The saying “generosity is a virtue” needs to be taken with a grain of salt when drinking out with your friends. Having fun with your friends may be interrupted by a not-so-well-meaning stranger with ill intentions. The drink they may give you may pack a punch harder than you can take because of other, sketchy, unwanted substances in the mix. 

While we’re not exactly saying to swat away an offered drink from the giver’s hands, we do highly suggest probing them more and keeping an eye out for any suspicious things about the drink in hand. 

And, if you’re really keeping it safe, there’s never any shame in saying “no”.

Take the anti-hangover pills to feel and look fresh the night after.

wrecover anti-hangover

In relation to drinking at your own pace, did you know that, according to the Health Promotion Agency, your liver can only break down approximately one bottle of beer, one shot of tequila, or a glass of wine per hour? Excessive drinking can also lead to liver complications. When drinking out, remember to get WrecOver: an FDA-approved supplement with a special formulation of safe and powerful ingredients designed to protect your liver and brain and prevent hangovers so you can wake up with no regrets the next day.