matte lipsticks

How to perfect, smudge-proof matte lipstick? Follow these 5 steps!

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Matte lipsticks look amaaaaazing, but TBH, they’re a pain to apply. The formula can make lips look dry and flaky, and you have to apply super carefully to get that pretty, clean line. Here’s the secret to nailing that look each and every time.

1. Exfoliate

Matte lipsticks look better on smooth lips. Gently exfoliate with a lip scrub, or rub your toothbrush against your lips. Don’t peel off any flakes! If your lips are extra dry, use these power lip masks that are under P200.

2. Moisturize

Prep your lips with a lip balm. Don’t apply lipstick right away! We suggest doing this before starting the rest of your makeup. By the time you’re done with your foundation, eyeliner and kilay (don’t ever forget the kilay!) your lips will be baby soft but not slippery. (If it still feels a bit sticky, blot off the excess with tissue.)

3. Get the shape

Take your lipliner and draw an “X” on your upper lip. Then outline your lips. Blend the lipliner with a brush so you don’t get that dreaded outline when your lipstick fades. Blot.

how to apply matte lipsticks

4. Apply the color

If you’ve got a brand new lippy the tip should be sharp enough for you to apply straight off the tube. But if you’re working with a fave color (or you’ve got shaky hands) use a lip brush.

Now blot. Reapply. Blot. Reapply. This builds layers of color that stays put, instead of one thick mess that ends up on your teeth or smudges everywhere.

5. Clean up with Concealer

Take a clean lip brush or angled eyebrow brush and apply concealer around your outer lips. This cleans up any smudges and helps the color stand out. Get a clean eyeshadow brush and set with translucent powder.

Budget Beauty Hack: Get Instant Matte Lipsticks

You can give any lipstick a matte finish! Apply just like any other lippie, place one sheet of tissue paper on top, then dust a thin layer of powder foundation with a big fluffy brush.