5 hairstyles that help you look younger

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News flash: Your youth fix doesn’t have to come in a bottle – or a needle. Your hairstyle could actually take years off (or add them to) your look. Justin Javier, International Director and Stylist and his team at Shunji Matsuo, share their age-erasing tips.

1. The Lob or Long Bob

Where hair is cut to the shoulder or just below collar bone length, this takes years off. If you are adventurous, get a perm to create texture for bounce and movement. Hair that is full of body signifies youth.

2. Great Colour

Our newly launched Shunji Matsuo Look Book 2015, features hair colours like Olive, Beige, Caramel, Cool Mahogany, Copper, Lavender and Pastel Pink as the shades to get spotted in this year. These colours flatter Asian skin and add a glow to the face.

3. Hair Health

Looking young equates to having healthy hair, so regular visits to have in-salon treatments like Aveda’s Damage Remedy to strengthen brittle hair is essential. At home, maintain hair’s condition with a daily application of leave in treatments to lock in moisture and prevent flyaway hair.

4. Balayage

For an edgy and cool look, go for tone/shade colouring using a combined technique of Ombre and Balayage to create gradual fade outs; Panel Highlights for nuance effect or Halo to create depth and movement. These colours can all be customised to find a shade that is most suitable for your hair and skin tone.

5. Fringes

Fringes are in again – long or short bangs, heavy or thinned, curled or textured. They help create a fresh and cute look for summer.