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Venus—it is the name of the ancient Greek goddess of love. The very image connotes unfading beauty, sexual desirability, and a body to die for. Now, it is no longer confined to mythology, as ladies of the modern age can enjoy that svelte figure and youthful skin at the least amount of time and effort and no pain whatsoever. Even the so-called difficult cases can experience a dramatic turnaround; post-pregnancy mothers and women perpetually struggling with the battle of the bulge can transform their bodies into something that their younger sisters can only envy.



The Venus Legacy, an all-in-one workstation can contour the body without having to resort to traditional, invasive surgery. It can focus on specific body parts such as the abdomen, thighs, back, buttocks and even arms to get rid of unwanted fats. It can also tighten the targeted areas for a more contoured effect, be it on your face or body. Patients who have undergone it enthuse that they get a kick every time they look at themselves in the mirror – they feel younger because they do look younger. And as a side bonus, their partners took notice of the radiant change. Living up to its name, the transformation created by the Venus Legacy re-ignites the sparks of love in their relationship.

No one can be happier with this turn of affairs than Dr. Vicki Belo, the renowned owner and founder of the Belo Medical Group, which has pioneered many beauty breakthroughs in the Philippines from invasive to non-invasive skin and body treatments. The Belo Medical Group now has nine clinics in Metro Manila, one in Davao,and one in Cebu.


“I always tell the mothers who come here to never forget themselves,” Dr. Belo shares. “After giving birth, it’s only natural to give all the attention to their children. This makes them good mothers but it’s not an excuse to let their bodies go. It can affect their confidence and intimacy with the husband. Again, I tell these ladies, ‘Don’t forget your husband. He needs your care too, and he is very visual.’”

Dr. Belo pauses and sighs, “But many of them do forget. The husbands feel neglected, and their attention also wanders when their wives don’t take care of their bodies. The next minute these ladies run here asking for emergency makeover treatments.”

The post-pregnancy phase does change the woman’s body, and not in a flattering light. It swells because of the addition of a tremendous amount of fat and the accompanying weight gain. Breasts enlarge for some time, and then sag. “Because of pregnancy, a woman who used to weigh just 90 pounds now weighs 150 lbs,” shares Dr. Belo. “Patients who come to the clinic increased their weight by approximately 50-70 lbs. Their common mistake is that they wait for a long time before deciding to lose that weight. Some take years or even decades, by that time, it becomes extremely difficult to remove the fat and address the other health concerns.”




Dr. Belo stresses, “Mothers, may lose the fat gained within a year after giving birth. Although, there’s this particular kind of fat which is stubborn. It was generated by pregnancy and not by the traditional food binging. Because it is hormonally induced, it is resistant to diet and exercise. It will take more than just the usual physical activity to remove them. By the time you have your next child, that second pregnancy will add more layers of fat to your body.”

The Venus Legacy restores the woman’s body by first melting the excess fat. It contours and tightens the abdomen to flatten the stomach and helps to make the stretch marks less visible. Venus Legacy can also do wonders on the face as it tightens sagging skin on your jawline and cheekbones. The procedure can give you a more svelte figure and glowing skin with absolutely no downtime. Patients just love the comfortable treatment and compares it to having a hot stone massage.Try it to believe it


Three functions place the Venus Legacy a notch higher than other makeover treatments in the market. Its Multi-Polar Radio Frequency delivers fast, pain-free, and homogenous heating to multiple depths, resulting in precise fat melting. Its Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field technology triggers the body’s regenerative properties, making recovery time faster. Meanwhile, its VariPulse feature allows adjustable pulsed suction for a deeper skin penetration that likewise stimulates circulation.

“Significant change comes after six to eight treatments,” says Dr. Belo. “ Venus Legacy is great for women who are struggling with excess fat and who want a comfortable and natural way possible to achieve the results.”

Fortunately, a variety of options is now available for patients, so getting back in shape is easier and no excuses remain to regain your charming look.

Dr. Belo gives these parting words, “Ladies, it’s the golden rule: Love yourself and love your body, it is one of the simplest ways to exude positivity to your loved ones. . I am not encouraging vanity, but utmost self-respect.”

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