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These complete makeup kits will help you survive rush hour

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We have tons of makeup. TONS. But truth; sometimes we rush out the door and have to do our entire face at a parking lot / office bathroom / your Uber or Grab.  That’s where these all in one makeup kits will save your life! They have eyeshadow, blush and lipstick in one box. Keep one in your locker or cubicle for instant beauty fixes!

The Balm Bon Voyage

the balm all in one makeup kitP2,100, Sephora Philippines

We love: High quality pigments. You get rich color pay off and no eyeshadow fallout.

The nine shadows are universally flattering and can be used as a simple wash or layered for a dramatic smoky eye.

The shimmering pink shade (Benvenuto) will instantly make you look wide-eyed and fresh. Apply Failte (a gold-flecked charcoal) or Welcome (an emerald green) with a wet angled brush to double as eyeliner.

Also comes with a highlighter/luminizer, bronzer, 2 blush shades, and 2 lip and cheek creams.

Sephora Palette to Go

sephora all in one palette to goP536, Sephora Philippines

We love: Classic colors, built-in mirror and sturdy packaging.

The compact fits into a bag, comes with a mirror, and perfectly coordinated eyeshadows, lip shades and blush.

Pick from the Neutral collection (gray, brown, and classic red or pink lipstick) or Intense (bright blue, plums, bright pinks).

This all in one makeup kit is very convenient but you need to apply several layers to get very intense colors. You might want to apply a primer first, especially if you’re going to create a smoky eye.

The blush is also a bit light for morenas, but can work as a neutral eyeshadow (it is a very pretty taupe shade).


Nyx Butt Naked

all in one makeup kitP1,620, BeautyMNL

We love: The huge selection of colors!

This two-layered palette has 15 eyeshadows, 3 illuminators, pink and coral blush, and pearl illuminators.

There’s a good mix of matte and shimmer. You can keep it super simple, or even do pro-level strobing. We just find that many of the shades have a cool undertone, and may not work too well on morenas. We also wish some of the pink blushes in the palette were switched out for corals or bronzers, just for variety.

However, it gives really good value for its price. This is a great buy if you have a light skin tone or cool undertone,  and prefer a clean and “fresh” makeup look. While this all in one makeup kit is too big for travel, it’s thin enough to keep in your office drawer or school locker.

Transformation all in one makeup Kit

all in one makeup paletteP475, BeautyMNL

We love: The unbeatable price.

This really compact all in one makeup kit snaps open to reveal three layers of makeup. You get 8 eyeshadows, 8 lipsticks, and 2 blushes.

Admittedly you won’t get the same rich pigments and blendability of premium shadows. To avoid creasing oitr smudging, use an eye primer and apply eyeshadow before you do concealer and foundation. That way, any fallout won’t ruin the rest of your makeup.

This is also a good gift for a young teenager who is just starting to experiment with makeup. There’s enough shades here for her to play with, and the P475 pricetag isn’t too heavy on the pocket. We also like how the shades can complement a wide range of skin tones, and can even be used for eyeshadows or contouring.

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