Review: Foreo UFO Mini Smart Mask

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As a fan of KDramas, the 10-Step Skincare, and basically all things Korean, I’ve been obsessed with the sheet masks my friends bring back as pasalubong from their Seoul trips. I’ve been sheet masking like crazy lately as there’s really nothing much to do, thanks to the ECQ.

I remembered when one of my friends recommended the Foreo UFO Mini Smart Mask and the impulsive skincare junkie in me immediately gave in. Its claim to fame: this innovation cuts down the 20-minute mask skincare step into just 90 seconds. Perfect for those lazy days when you want immediate spa-like results by doing the bare minimum.

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Launched last year, the Foreo UFO Mini Smart Mask also claims to give you the same indulgent spa experience and results as the products and treatments–something we all miss now that spas are closed.

There are different treatment masks for your UFO Mini: Make My Day, Call It a Night, H2Overdose, Glow Addict, Matte Mania, Shimmer Freak Illuminating Eye Mask and Youth Junkie–all developed by Korean beauty experts. Each sheet comes with different LED light therapy wavelengths (the ones your dermatologist uses!), T-sonic pulsations and hyper-infusion technologies that ensure the masks are deeply penetrated to the skin.

The 90-second claim sounds too good to be true so we put this device to the test.

Instructions are actually pretty simple. The first step is to download the Foreo app, scan your treatment mask and device, secure the tiny circular sheet to the mask, and follow the visuals and the soothing voiceover. The device will vibrate and tell you if your 90-second treatment is up. To not waste any leftover essence, you can put them on the mask again, re-scan and then repeat the whole process.

Just to give you an update on the state of my skin: dry with rough patches, puffy, and I have a few breakouts that can be solved by a few pimple patches. Because of the lockdown, my body clock is pretty messed up, hence the sleepless nights, dehydrated skin, and breakouts. Eek.

First to the test is the ‘Call It a Night’ treatment mask, featuring nourishing olive oil and revitalizing ginseng. I tried it before going to sleep, at the end of my usual skincare routine. I’m amazed by the results–I woke up refreshed with smoother and noticeably glowing skin. I was hooked that I wanted to try another mask on the day.  

I tried the H2Overdose the day after because I want extra skin hydration and I want to really put the effectivity of the device and its masks to the test. This treatment mask is infused with hyaluronic acid, a skin ingredient that alleviates dry skin. Again, it didn’t disappoint. My skin looked visibly plumper and felt extra hydrated.

The only downside, though, is the device is on the pricier side and you have to purchase the treatment masks separately.  If you have the budget, you can also invest in the UFO than the UFO Mini as the former has the Cryo-therapy feature.

Is the product worth the investment? Yes, especially if you’re the type of person who’s too lazy to do skincare and want immediate results—masking once or twice a week is a must for maximum results. It’s pretty convenient, mask selection is extensive, and I can see myself bringing this to the day when we can all finally travel again. It’s efficient, time-saving, and has a 10-year quality guarantee.

Words by Ayesha Pajares, a resident Beauty Insider Philippines beauty contributor.

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