Review: Matstone Juicer

Categories : Wellness

Juicing can help you lose weight, make you feel more energetic, and give your skin a healthy and radiant glow. But… juicers are expensive. The Matstone Juicer has a lot of features that give a lot of value for its price. Read these completely unbiased and unsponsored Matstone juicer reviews from fellow beauty insiders.

What can the Matstone juicer do?

Matstone is not just a juicer

Therese Llanes said she felt guilty about spending thousands of pesos for “just” a juicer. “I’m the only one in the family who juices, so it didn’t make a lot of sense to pay so much for just one appliance.” What she liked about Matstone was that it could be used for so many other things.

Matstone can shave ice, slice and mince vegetables, and even make nut milk. “Aside from my daily juice, I have used it to prepare halo halo, cut up veggies for lumpia and coleslaw, and even make fruit sorbet! Sobrang sulit. It slices up ampalaya so thinly that it doesn’t taste bitter when I make cold ampalaya ensalada.”  She also says it’s her secret to making ribbon-thin Korean-style coleslaw, exactly how her kids love it from their fave resto. “You can even use the veggie pulp to make noodles since it can make pasta, too. I haven’t tried that yet but I definitely wat to do that one day!”

Matstone is easy to clean

Susan read a lot of Matsone juicer reviews, but remained undecided until she saw a demo at a mall. “All the parts can be unscrewed and then thoroughly washed in the sink. The machine/motor itself never gets dirty so it doesn’t need to be soaped. I’m terrified of getting electrocuted, and I get grossed out by the idea of trapped food and hidden germs. So when I saw how everything was easily disassembled, I was sold.”

Susan lives on her own and doesn’t have a maid, so this convenience works into her busy morning schedule. “I prep my juice, put all the parts in the sink, it takes less than a minute to clean them! No hassle!” She says it’s even easier than washing her old blender.


Matstone is durable

Elisha Castrodes says she’s used this juicer every day for 5 years and has never had any problems with it. “I even used it to make halo-halo for a party, and it was running for about an hour and didn’t overheat. My helpers have also dropped the pieces and they didn’t crack.”