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The Secret to Acing the All Natural Makeup Look

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Acing the “all natural makeup look” is more complex than you think. Let’s be real here, the seflies you see online with hashtags #nomakeup often still involve wearing makeup- a tini tiny bit of blush, a pea size amount of concealer, and little foundation and a quite a lot of skill too!

You have to mind not to look too cakey, or too bright, too pink or too glam. The best advice we can give you to achieve this look is 1.) Invest in skincare so you have a perfect base! 2.) When it comes to makeup, choose colors that are close to your natural skin tone and undertones.

We’re sharing to you some tips and tricks below to champ looking fresh and natural!

Prep your skin!

A perfect base is key to looking good. You don’t want to be painting your masterpiece on a used canvass, do you? Prepping up your skin not only provides you long term skin benefits such as anti-aging effects, hydration and even out skin texture. It also allows you makeup to sit in properly.

Conceal spots

Even out your complexion by applying small amount concealer on your dark and red spots, blemishes and fine lines. Doing this can will help you looking flawless!

Easy on the foundation

Remember to keep the foundation on the low. The key to achieving the all-natural makeup look is to not forget that the goal here is to look natural as possible. Using too much foundation can make you look too cakey, or too white. Simple put a dot on your forehead, nose, chin and both of your cheeks. This should be enough to blur out imperfections and discolorations your concealer couldn’t cover.

Define your brows

Making sure your brows are in the right length and color. Skip filling in with color and do slanted strokes instead. Doing this can help your mimic real brow hairs. This looks more natural and not totally made up. Using pencil eyebrow makeup, or cream with slanted thin eyebrow brush can do the trick!

Add color to your cheeks and lips!

For color on the cheeks and lips, you can opt to go for lip and cheek stains/tints. Stains and tints give a more natural effect than powder blushes and cream lipsticks. Remember to put only little amount to achieve looking like you are just sun kissed. Go for peach shades as this shade look great on almost every skin tone