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5 signs you need to see a dermatologist now

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We love skincare (and grab any excuse to try something new) but sometimes there’s just no substitute for seeing a dermatologist. If you’ve got any of these symptoms, drop the creams and lotions and head to the nearest clinic. (Don’t know where to go? Search our directory for dermatologists in Manila.) 

Your skin always gets rashes or feels itchy.

You may have eczema, psoriasis, asthma of the skin, or a skin infection. In the meantime, stop any lotions or creams that you’ve been using. “Don’t self-medicate — even if it’s a ‘natural’ remedy! Even herbal or organic products can cause irritations.You could be sensitive to a plant extract or essential oil,” says Manila dermatologist Claire Lagman.


Manila dermatologist

Your skin is more sensitive.

You’ve never had skin issues before, but suddenly your face feels itchy, dry or turns red whenever you try something new. “Your skin changes. You may have normal skin in your twenties, then develop sensitive skin in your thirties,” says Lagman. She links it to hormonal changes, a weaker skin barrier or lifestyle factors like stress.

Some diseases (and also maintenance medications) can affect the skin. For example, one of the early signs of diabetes is dry, itchy skin or sores that take a long time to heal.

Your acne keeps coming back.

Why suffer, when you can have a trained professional give you prescription medication and skin treatments that can actually prevent reoccurring acne?  Many skin clinics in Manila offer affordable acne programs. “Getting early acne treatment also prevents deep acne scars,” says Lagman. Dermatologists can also customize a regimen for you, especially if you have other skin issues like wrinkles or hyperpigmentation. “Sometimes, your combination of skincare products can be the reason you’re getting a lot of breakouts or rashes.”

You’re losing hair.

Hair fall is normal, but if you notice you’re shedding more than usual or that your hair is significantly thinner in some spots, head to a Manila dermatologist now! You could have a scalp infection, or be showing early signs of female pattern baldness. It’s best to seek hairloss treatment early, instead of experimenting with shampoos and then going to a clinic as a last resort.

Your mole looks weird.

This is the most important reason to go see a Manila dermatologist. If your mole has changed in size, color, or gives you any reason to feel “that’s not how it used to look like” then have it checked immediately. Irregular moles are one of the first signs of skin cancer, which is really easy to treat in the early stages. Better safe than sorry!

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