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Senka Perfect Whip Review – here’s what we (honestly) think

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I have heard of Senka Perfect Whip quite recently. This Japanese beauty brand was not distributed in Dubai (and apparently it’s still not yet distributed in physical stores in the Philippines as of press time). But, when I went back home, during a random ‘titas of Manila’ conversation, a friend started yapping about her best beauty find from Japan, the Senka Perfect Whip, and its immaculate results. I told myself, out of curiosity, to give it a try.

Before I began using this facial cleanser, I asked around and read a number of other reviews (but will get to this later) to know first exactly what is Senka Perfect Whip. I’ve learned that the Senka Perfect Whip comes under the umbrella of Shiseido (yes, the mother ship of luxury brands, Shiseido!) under its most affordable brand range: Senka. 

shiseido senka best japanese drugstore skincare buy find beauty product
Must have beauty buys from Japan: Senka, the affordable skincare range from Shiseido

Senka offers a full line of skincare and body care including facial cleansers, makeup removers, moisturizers, body soap, sunscreen and more. A consistent customer favorite among Senka’s lineup is the smoothing foam that promises pore-less, flawless face: the Senka Perfect Whip. Loved by Japanese women for years, the Perfect Whip is also a famous drugstore buy for the tourists who have heard about it. More so, its ingredients are deemed safe for use, without any unusual chemicals included.

Knowing these actually didn’t help in setting expectations for Senka Perfect Whip. In my mind, it was a totally life-changing cleanser that’s able to live up to what it is famous for – you know, the highly-dense ‘marshmallow-like’ foam that penetrates into pores to clean impurities and excess sebum, thus leaving skin clean, soft and hydrated.

Will it be really as fun and foamy as it looked on its circulated videos? Will it provide the silky, smooth touch that it has been buzzed about? Is it gentle and refreshing while cleansing and moisturizing?

best japan facial cleanser senka perfect whip
Did the foamy cleanser live up to expectations?

Upon finally giving it a go, Senka Perfect Whip provided the texture of smooth facial foam, but it was not able to be as foamy as I imagined it to be. Apparently, you need to put a few drops of water to create the huge foam. But more than the foamy form, I think what was great when I applied it on my face was that it glided through quite fluidly with its lotion-like silky texture, delivering a slightly fragrant lightweight feel. For about thirty seconds of massaging it onto my face, it hinted the cleansing motion that I hoped for. It also washed away with water very easily despite being soapy.

Once rinsed off, I noticed my skin to be clean, bright and smooth, which was the usual case for me whenever after cleansing. So I tried it a few more times to gauge the result better. What I noticed though was it could not take off traces of mascara and eyeliner, and that it gave that tight feeling after a few minutes of drying the face. I have terribly dry skin, and so I suspected that Senka Perfect Whip was not the best bet for a hydrating cleanser that I definitely need.

Other than that, Senka Perfect Whip is suited for normal skin (but they promote it for all types of skin), and I will recommend it as a daily facial cleanser especially when not wearing too much makeup. It won’t provide the heavy lifting on removing makeup, but it can be a great match when double cleansing.

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