Here’s How to Do a Body Scrub Treatment at Home

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Nowadays, there are various spas and salons for our convenience when we want to indulge in a little R&R. But sometimes, when it comes to self-care, there are certain rituals we can already do in the comforts of our own homes.


Take the case of a good old body scrub. You’ll have to shell out a pretty pricey amount to have someone else rub on your limbs, but instead of splurging on a spa, doing it on your own at home is one of the spa dates you can definitely improvise for yourself — whether you’re using a fancy, store-bought product or a homemade version.


A body scrub is essentially an act of exfoliation — we’ve long discussed at length how to exfoliate the face, but the rest of your body needs some TLC too. Especially when you’re dealing with rough and uneven skin, a body scrub will help slough off some of those dead skin cells to reveal healthy, supple skin beneath. At the end of a body scrub, you should expect soft, smooth, nourished and moisturized skin. It also improves blood circulation and helps improve the appearance of cellulite.

Here are just some tips on how to do your own body scrub treatment at home for that DIY spa date.

Don’t do it more than twice a week.

Just as you wouldn’t exfoliate your face regularly, keep the body scrub to once or twice a week at the most. Although your body is less sensitive than your face, too much scrubbing could cause irritation as body scrubs tend to be more abrasive than facial exfoliators. Like the face, over-exfoliation could happen, leading to tight skin that has been dried out — the opposite effect of what you’d like to achieve.

Also, know whether you’re overdoing it — stop whenever you’re seeing red or any sign of irritation.

Know whether you’re using salt or sugar scrub.

Should you use a salt or sugar scrub? That really depends on your skin and exfoliation needs. Salt scrubs usually have larger particles than sugar-based scrubs, which make them more ideal for some more heavy-duty exfoliation, such as rough areas that have had a significant build-up. Salt-based body scrubs are also known for its detoxifying properties, great for drawing out impurities.

On the other hand, sugar scrubs are less abrasive and provide a gentler scrub than salt, recommended for those with dry and sensitive skin. A sugar scrub is also ideal for those looking to exfoliate after shaving without the sting — imagine sloughing off a razor burn with salt, yikes. Also, sugar is the perfect base for our favorite lip scrubs!


Before scrubbing, soak your skin in warm water for ten to fifteen minutes first.

It is crucial to soften your skin first before scrubbing away to prevent irritation and abrasion. Soak your body in a warm tub or stand under a warm shower for ten to fifteen minutes, making sure that each part is covered and softened. When done, drain the tub or turn the shower off, patting your skin dry before applying the scrub. Once you’re done scrubbing, rinse it all off with warm water.

Rub in a circular motion.

A circular motion enhances circulation, is most effective at sloughing off old skin, eases ingrown hairs, and is less harsh than rubbing back and forth. Apply gentle but steady pressure, exfoliating each area for at least a minute before moving on.

Seal the moisture in after the scrub.

After rinsing the scrub off, if you feel like reaching out for a lotion or moisturizer, reach for a body oil instead. Your newly renewed skin and pores are most open to absorbing the oil. Make sure to leave your skin a little wet before moving on to this step. Finally, wear a relaxing robe, chill out, and let the body oil work its magic on your skin.

So, are you team sugar or team salt? What are your favorite exfoliants? Share with us in the comment section below!