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The 2020 Beauty Trends You Should Watch Out For

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From makeup to skincare to hairstyles, we’re really excited to bring the most of the beauty trends for this year. The top trending beauty looks might just be your perfect makeover excuse for 2020. So, if you’re ready to cop a new look or skincare routine, here are the top beauty trends we’re seeing this 2020.


1. Exaggerated Eye Looks

Coming in from hit coming of age teen series, Euphoria, we’re seeing more and more exaggerated eye looks this year. Think classic cat eyes, loud colors, and even eyeshadow shapes.

2. Barely There Makeup

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On the other end of the spectrum, the hype for the no-makeup makeup look is still very much in full swing. Taking on a more sheer and skin-that-looks-like-skin approach, we’re seeing the Glossier type of makeup looks to become more and more in style. This look takes into consideration your natural features and uses makeup as an added enhancer. Clearly, less is more.


1. Plant-based Beauty

More and more are becoming learned with skincare and in turn, becoming more conscious of what they put on their skin. This year, we’re seeing the rise of natural and plant-based beauty with brands like, Sage and Tera, and more creating innovations for Filipino skin.

2. Lip Treatments

Coming in from the local hype for Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask and Lucas Papaw, we’re seeing more and more lip treatment products coming in this year. Allure reports, “One of the top lip treatments in Japan, the UZ 38°C/99°F Lip Treatment, just launched in the U.S. in December and quickly became a beauty-editor favorite. Throughout 2019, we’ve also noticed lip masks of just about every variety — masks, sheets, balms, gels, patches — come across our desks, many from brands (like Henné and Sarah Happ) that are entirely devoted to lip care.”


The Shag Haircut

In 2019, we saw countless celebrities and influencers changing their hairstyle into the short bob. This 2020, Glamour reports that the shag haircut—layered, textured and fringed—is making a come back. According to Glamour: “Bradley suggests opting for a style with maximum layers and choppy, sliced ends – and even a curly fringe if you’re feeling bold.”