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Toners to Gels: The top K-Beauty finds to love this February

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Whether you’re recently fangirling over Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin in Crash Landing on You or you’re following BTS’ every move, the influence of the best of South Korea remains to intrigue us. From K-Drama to top Idols, and now K-Movie (say hello to Parasite, the first film in a foreign language to win the Best Picture of Oscar’s). But on top of it all, our fascination with all things that South Korea offers extend to beauty.

Yes, yes, there is something to be said about K-Beauty. It’s been on trend since 2018 and there are no signs it’s stopping down. Maybe it’s because everyone wants that coveted glass skin look—poreless, glowing and dewy. From toners to gels, here’s what to add to your cart this month!

1. Laneige Fresh Calming Kit

laneige fresh calming kit

A quick search online can point you to trial kits of Korean brand Laneige. The Fresh Calming kit is perfect for girls who want a boost of moisture and hydration on the skin. It includes three products that can be a routine in itself: The Laneige Fresh Cleansing Gel is a cleansing gel that draws out impurities on the skin, The Lineage Fresh Calming Toner is oil-free and helps sustain your skin’s oil-water balance. Lastly, the Lineage Fresh Calming Serum is an oil-free essence that moisturizes and calms skin. 

2. Dear Klairs Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel 

Dear Klairs Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel

For girls and guys on the lookout for eye cream, Dear Klairs Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel boosts the area around the eyes with ingredients like argan oil, jojoba seed oil, and vitamin E. It provides soothing, hydration and brightening to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Bonus: the gel formula is fast-absorbing and leaves skin feeling fresh. 

3. Mamonde Rose Water Toner

Mamonde Rose Water Toner

The star ingredient of this toner is Damask Rose Water from Bulgaria. Delicately formulated, this product moisturizes and soothes skin. Use it for a dose of moisture on your skin. 

4. Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum

Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum

Jeju Green Tea is an ingredient plastered on many of Innisfree’s product lineup. This seed serum is described as highly-moisturizing as it’s formulated with Dual Moisture-Rising technology. It’s like liquid gold, apply and see it seep into skin locking in hydration for healthier-looking skin. 

5. The Saem Urban Eco Harakeke Root Deep Cream

The Saem Urban Eco Harakeke Root Deep Cream

Infused with harakeke root extract, this cream is deeply hydrating and is perfect for girls and guys with dull skin. The ingredients include calendula flower water, manuka honey, so you’ll get a soft buttery texture unto the skin. 

6. Ariul Bamboo Water 7days Mask

Ariul Bamboo Water 7days Mask

If you’re a lover of face masks like me, you’ll love this Bamboo Water 7 days Mask from Ariul. Made with bamboo water, it seeps into dry skin and provides hydration. Apply this in 10-15 minutes and feel skin get nourished and moisturized.