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Are you using the right eye cream?

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Some women suffer from dark circles, and others have deep lines and dry skin. Look for an eye cream that targets your particular skincare problem.

Dry skin

Typical signs: Concealer tends to cake or settle into fine lines

Ingredients to look for: Hyaluronic acid, glycerin

Dry skin is not only prone to fine lines, but also makes eye makeup more difficult to apply. Look for a very hydrating serum or eye cream. You may want to invest in two kinds: a heavier cream for night, and a lighter and easily-absorbed formula in the morning. You can mix concealer or color corrector with a light cream so you cover dark circles and moisturize in one step.

If you have really dry skin, your eye area may feel very dehydrated by the middle of the day.  Invest in a facial mist that can “refresh” your eye makeup and give your skin a much needed moisture boost. Since dry skin is more prone to fine lines and early signs of aging, invest in an eye serum that can plump and moisturize, and boost collagen levels.

Dark Under-Eye Circles

Typical signs: Dark blue/purple circles on the eyelids or under the eyes

Ingredients to look for: Illuminating ingredients and cooling applicators

Dark circles aren’t just caused by lack of sleep. Some people are genetically prone to it, and others have facial structures that create shadows below the eyes. Your dark circles can become more prominent as you age, because the skin thins around the eyes. When the light reflects on blood vessels under the eye area, it creates a blue or purple cast.

Illuminating concealers can reflect light, while color correctors can neutralize the purple cast. Look for eye creams that have a cooling tip. This tightens the blood vessels and make them less prominent. Collagen-boosting ingredients can also thicken and strengthen the skin.

Fine lines

Typical signs: Your eyelids look wrinkly or “crepey” — like the rough and crumpled texture of crepe paper

Ingredients to look for: Retinol and peptides

The skin is very thin around the eyes. Sun damage, excessive muscle movement and stress (from rubbing eyes, or wearing contact lines) or genetics can make your eye area look a lot older than you really are. You need to firm up the eye area. Peptides and retinol will help to smooth out the lines.  Also avoid glitter or shimmer eyeshadow, which will draw attention to lines. An eye primer will also help fill in the lines so your eyeshadow looks better and lasts longer.

Under-Eye Bags

Typical signs: Very prominent eye bags, puffy eyes

Ingredients to look for: Soy, caffeine and aloe vera

Minimize puffiness by drinking plenty of water and cutting back on salt, which can cause water retention. Facial massages help, but if you’re busy just get a roll-on eye cream that can gently massage the area and minimize fluid build up. Caffeine causes blood vessels to contract. You can buy eye creams, or DIY with green tea bags that have been left to cool in the refrigerator. If you’re prone to puffy eyes, apply eye cream in the morning instead of at night.