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WATCH: 12 Ponytail Tutorials for work, school and weekends

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Ponytails are the little black dress of the hairstyle world. These can be as simple or sophisticated, sweet or super sexy. Level up your ponytail skills with these top Youtube hair tutorials.

7 Days of Ponytail Tutorials by Kayley Melissa

We love, love, love how she gives all sorts of creative twists (literally) to the classic pony. So yeah these styles are going to need a few extra minutes (and a good mirror) but the results are truly headturning.

The Fluffy Ponytail by LustreLux

Most ponies are really slick and straight, but this pony tutorial will show you how to make this super-cool high-volume ponytail. It’s a fun look that’s Rockstar and Beach Babe and Model on Her Day Off.

Running Late Ponytail Tutorials by Bebexo

Woke up late? No problem. These super simple, super fast ponytail tutorials need no blowdrying or styling products. All you need is bobby pins and a hair tie, and a little practice. We also think they’re a good way to quickly hide a bad hair day.

Loop Side Ponytail by Luxy Hair

So chic and so easy to do. And the cool thing about side ponies is that it’s easier to do, even if you don’t have a huge mirror. In fact, you can totally pull this off with a small desk mirror. Something to do when you’re killing time after lunch!