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What you need to get that salon-approved pedicure at home

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We love manicures and pedicures. While we squeeze in time to regularly visit beauty salons to get our mani-pedi fix, now at the time of Covid-19 where everything has been taken into quarantine in the Philippines, this is rather unthinkable. But for those of us who get excited just thinking about taking a pumice stone and a scrub brush to our heels, there’s no better time than right now to master the at-home pedicure. Here, we give you the best ways on how to achieve gorgeous pedicures, ready to go barefoot at home at all times.

Begin the pedicure regimen with a foot soak

If you want those beautiful pair of sandal-prepped feet, the first step to a salon-approved pedicure routine is a refreshing foot soak. You may opt to use bath salts and mix this with warm water. Herbivore Botanical’s Calm bath salt is a truly soothing experience that contains a blend of ylang ylang, natural vanilla, and salts to relax your feet. There’s also the Epsom salt to soak your feet or if these are not currently available, you may get items from your kitchen: rock salt, vinegar, and lemon. If you want it to be moisturizing, then you can add some drops of vanilla or essential oils.

Herbivore Botanical’s Calm bath salt
Herbivore Botanical’s Calm bath salt, available at

Scrub your feet with a dry brush

Grab your loofah or dry brush to scrub your feet. That way, you’ll get in the habit of making a quick foot treatment — just sloughing away any dead skin — a part of your pedicure routine. A foot brush scrubber with pumice stone would be ideal, too, for exfoliating dead skin from your feet.

dry brush foot scrub with fumice
Wooden dry brush, available at

Use Spa Socks
After the relaxing foot soak and scrub, the next thing to do is help moisturize your dry feet with spa socks, which has gel that are specially-made for cracked feet. Just throw them on afterward while you’re watching TV or cooking or doing some household chore, and they’ll soften any cracks on your heels. This helps prepare your skin and nails before the actual pedicure.

Spa socks with special moisturizing gel, available at
Spa socks with special moisturizing gel, available at

Don’t forget the cuticle serum

Cuticle serum is not only going to extend the life of your at-home manicure but your pedicure, too. Tuttle tells us that most people overlook the cuticle care on their feet, but applying a serum to your toenails before you go in with polish will make a world of difference and keep the color from chipping or peeling.

Cuticle serum
Cuticle serum, available at

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Just like your elbows, knees, and hands, your feet need a little extra TLC — especially in the summer when you’re wearing sandals and they’re fully exposed. Foot creams are great if you happen to have one, but your standard body lotion will work in a pinch. 

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion
Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion, available at

Go With A Bright Polish

In this stressful time, a bright color can act as a mood booster. We recommend a summer pastel like this opaque lavender-pink. Toes are the best place to experiment with color. While you’re spending time at home, what’s happier than a fresh bubblegum pink pedicure?

OPI Nail Polish
OPI Nail Polish, available at