About Pond’s

As the world around becomes harder and more unforgiving, a woman’s inner strength and outer softness is a powerful influence that’s more precious than ever.

And that is true of our skin too, which needs to remain strong deep inside, so it can be soft and beautiful on the outside.

Which is why since 1846, Pond’s has been developing face care solutions that are true to this philosophy.

With the leading expertise of The Pond’s Institute, these solutions are specially formulated for your ever-evolving skin care needs and concerns across different life stages, and changing lifestyles and environments.

With category-first innovations like Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) for anti-aging and VAO-B3 for skin lightening, just to name a few, Pond’s is dedicated to bring out the best in your skin – always strong inside and beautifully soft outside.

We believe that the better you understand your skin, the more beautiful it can become.