Beauty closet spring cleaning: What to keep, throw, and give away

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All good things must come to an end–we’re talking about make-up and skincare items here. Although it’s heart-breaking to declutter our collection, scouring your beauty drawer and doing a massive purge will actually do your skin (and your closet space!) some good. Discover guilt-free tips in Marie Kondo-ing your beauty closet (and reward yourself with a fresh lippie afterward) here:  


Hands up if you’re guilty: we hoard and impulsively buy make-up and skincare like there’s no tomorrow, especially when there’s a promotion or it’s payday. This just means one thing: most of them always end up sitting in our beauty drawers untouched.

Stuff that can be repurposed

There are items, too, that we just can’t toss or give away, no matter how unflattering their shades are. Repurposing products that just didn’t agree with our skin but we don’t have the heart to let go of can actually save us hard-earned cash.

For example, unflattering lippies can be used as a cheek stain, or hair conditioners can be used as a shaving cream. There are endless tricks on how to repurpose beauty items on Pinterest and online.


Once you’ve noticed that your favorite lippie is not as pigmented and your mascara is not as smooth as they were when you first bought them, it’s time to let them go.

Products that are not working anymore

If there is a change in texture, application, shade, and smell of your product now that when you first bought it and it can’t be repurposed, toss it out.

Expired items

Did you know that your make-up items, once opened, have expiration dates?

You won’t put nor apply expired products on your face, won’t you? More often than not, make-up past their expiration dates can harbor bacteria that lead to breakouts and skin infections. Eek. Check this infographic below to see how long you can use your make-up items once you’ve opened them.

However, there are make-up items that no matter how much you want to give it to a friend, you just can’t because of hygienic reasons. Remember that streaky mascara and that eyeliner that’s just too difficult to apply? Out with it. It’s never recommended to use others’ lip and eye makeup.


It’s a shame to throw away unwanted makeup and skincare products when someone else could use them. If you have items you know you’ll never use, give them away. One girl’s trash is another girl’s holy grail, after all.

Make-up that’s not your shade

You know that liquid foundation that you thought looked good on your skin but when you wore it outdoors, you figured out its two shades lighter than your natural skin tone?

Be wary when it comes to giving away products like lipstick and eye makeup though. Eyeshadows are fine; Liquid eyeliners and mascaras, however, aren’t supposed to be shared. Make sure to sanitize before giving them away. For items like lipsticks, you may give them away—just make sure to chop off the used parts. For the rest, sharpen those pencils or wipe them with a clean tissue and sanitizing alcohol.  

Skincare products that don’t work for you

Not because it’s working for everyone doesn’t mean it’s working for your skin, too. If you tested your moisturizer or serum but they’re just not working for you, it’s time to give them away to your sister or friend.

To not put these items to waste, give them to a friend (once the lockdown is over, take note!) or host a make-up/skincare swap with the ladies.