Beauty treatments we’re having after the ECQ

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We all deserved to be pampered after being stuck home for weeks. These appointments are definitely gonna hit different after the lockdown. Here are the treatments we’re definitely booking after the ECQ, stat:

1. Eyebrow Grooming Services

This includes threading, tinting, and microblading. If there’s one person we missed during the lockdown, it’s our trusty eyebrow lady. The ECQ had us experimenting on our brows: Mona Lisa and Frida Kahlo ain’t got nothing on us now. For the ladies with a budget, microblading is recommended as it lasts up to 24 months and requires less maintenance than threading and tinting. Perfect if they announce another lockdown *knocks on wood*. 

2. Mani and Pedi

We’ve definitely outgrown our gel manicure and pedicure and our mani-pedi appointments are already long overdue. We can’t wait to have cuticle-free and properly shaped nails again and while we’re at it, we’re adding foot scrubs and hand paraffin, too.

3. Haircut

Admit it: you almost contemplated on cutting your own hair. Yes, we see your “How to Cut Bangs” Google search. Whether you failed on your I’m-My-Own-Hairstylist career or you’re into that “New Hair New Me” mantra, for sure you’re also pretty excited to get a haircut. 

4. Fat-burning Treatments

How many calories did you burn during the ECQ? For us, it’s like, 22. To those who fell victims to the #Quarantine15, there are new surgical and nonsurgical ways of burning fat. We’re loving the Transculpt ID treatment (we heard Nadine Lustre is a fan!), a treatment that permanently burns fat cells in just 15 minutes. 

5. Wax/Laser Hair Removal

Oh hi there, silky smooth hair-free skin. We miss you. Shaving is fine, but the ingrown hair and cuts aren’t. Waxing is also recommended as it’s cheaper than laser hair removal. In the long run, however, laser removal treatments are more efficient and lead to permanent results.

6. Massage

Treat yourself, ladies. We all deserve a full day at the spa after all these. Let’s throw in a full body scrub to remove flaky dead skin. Eek. 

7. Facial Treatments

All the sleepless nights, thanks to Netflix and online Zoom catch-ups with friends, are slowly taking their toll on our skin. Are you regretting them now? We know we are. Once we’re out, we’re going to consult our dermatologists and we’ll ask them recommended facial treatments for our skin problems.

8. Root Touch-ups

You can definitely find us in our favorite hair salon after the lockdown. We’re also sharing our #LockdownGlowup after the ECQ (you should, too!): take photos of yourselves on the last day of the lockdown and first day that you hit the salon.