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Where to Find Makeup Organizers in Manila

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Makeup junkies have more than just choosing lipstick shades, eye shadow textures, and perfect foundation skin tone shade problems. Makeup junkies are hoarders! The true challenge for them at the end of every makeup-shopping day lies on where they can store and organize them. Here’s an ultimate guide you can refer to when you’re on the lookout for a makeup organizer.


Suesh is a pretty popular makeup store here in Manila. A lot of you may have already visited their shop at least once in your life. While this brand also offers their own makeup line and carries other international brands in their stores, they are mainly known for their makeup tools and kits. They have a pretty wide range of makeup organizer styles. They have pouches, to bags, to small and big luggage, to professional quality one that comes with LED lights and mirrors.

SM Department Store

It’s a no-brainer, when you hear “department store”, you immediately think they have it all for you. And if SM’s famous tagline “We’ve got it all for you” is still not enough reason for you to believe they really do, we don’t know what else will.

SM Department stores have a specific section for organizers in general- from pills organizers, to plastic portable drawers, tray organizers, and acrylic makeup organizers. They also those folding bags that has plenty of pockets purposely for makeup and other hygiene things which are a great choice if your keen on saving space, by the way!


Muji, a famous Japanese brand that has its way to Manila just a few years back is already a brand Filipinos loves. Favored, popular and sells for their minimalist aesthetic, Muji is great choice of neat freaks makeup junkies!

Suprisingly, Muji offers pretty acrylic square tubes for lipsticks, acrylic boxes and drawers. Because of it’s clear look, it could very well be of use for women who prefer to see their makeup right from across the room.


BeautyBar is probably one of the main go-to store of makeup junkies. Besides from the very obvious, BeautyBar doesn’t only sell various makeup brands and products, they offer the complete package. They carry various skincare brands, hair care brands, nail polishes, and even usually has a nail and waxing salon attached to the store. You can find cute makeup organizers here. The pouches and bags are very eye-catching, sweet looking and very girly!